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What is Web Pagination? Information about Web Pagination 2022

Web Pagination is a process of connecting pages, this is certainly not a strange thing, although it has many positive effects on UX, there are still many disadvantages. This article will reveal useful information such as what is pagination ? ways to implement effective pagination.

1. What is Web Pagination?

The term Web Pagination refers to the act of pagination, which is the process of linking together a series of landing pages with similar content. Or, the content in a certain section on a certain page that is divided individually is also considered Web Pagination.

Web Pagination La Gi Tong Quan Ve Web PaginationConcept of Web Pagination

Usually, Web Pagination is most commonly found in some of the following types of Websites:

  • Pagination / Web Pagination on Blog.
  • Pagination / Web Pagination on forums, social sites.
  • Pagination / Web Pagination in news publisher sites.
  • Pagination / Web Pagination at e-commerce sites like Amazon, Lazada, Shopee, Tiki, etc.

Simply put, instead of being loaded on the same Web page, pagination in search is content that is split across multiple pages. Previously, this was overcome through using rel = “next” and rel = “prev”. However, recently, the big Google has widely announced that it will no longer use any of the above link elements as an indexing signal.

2. What are the functions of Pagination?

Understanding the concept of pagination, let’s find out the functions of pagination:

Web Pagination La Gi Tong Quan Ve Web Pagination 1Features of Pagination

  • Help users have a better experience, avoid information overload on the same site. Thanks to pagination, the information is broken down into many components, making it easier for administrators to manage the content on their web.
  • Help users quickly find the information they are looking for
  • Help navigate customers, when using pagination for the website, we will decide the number of pages that customers can view. With page numbering, it helps to understand the size of the information on the page. And one thing is for sure, an information file will attract users because of the variety it has.

3. The importance and role of Pagination for Website

With the above examples, you probably have somewhat understood about pagination as well as the concept of  Web Pagination . Web Pagination is now very popular, it is widely used everywhere with great importance and role as follows:

Web Pagination La Gi Tong Quan Ve Web Pagination 2The importance and role of Pagination

3.1 Increased user experience better

Imagine, you visit a Web page that has too much information displayed in the same Site, how will you feel? Certainly not only the Web site is overloaded, but users also feel confused and difficult to see. Therefore, Web Pagination was born to help break down information into parts and give users a better experience.

For example, e-commerce websites will display images and product prices on the home site, if users want to learn more, just click on the image and they will be redirected to a new page.

3.2 Pagination contributes to easier navigation

The use of Web Pagination allows for easier and simpler user navigation. Specifically, the administrator will decide the number of pages that users can view. Thanks to the page numbering, users clearly understand the size of the information on the page and then consider searching when needed. And one thing is for sure, the more information files on the page, the more users will attract because of its diversity and richness.

Finally, Web Pagination is also a way to help users find the information they want more easily and effectively.

4. Reveal the secrets of effective Web Pagination

Here are the tips to help you have more effective pagination tips, so what are  Web Pagination tips ?

  • First, you need to check the current Pagination available on the Website using available tools.
  • Then you proceed to create pages with full qualified content and good linkability.
  • Next, you make effective use of keywords and allocate them wisely.
  • Manipulating pages in a certain order, Sites with quality or popular content should be put on top.
  • Leverage URL Parameters (aka query strings) into paginated Sites.
  • Applying rel = canonical tags is very effective, this is one of the classic but extremely effective techniques.
  • Always make sure to design the pages after being paginated according to the set standards.
  • Finally, you need to understand your own site’s page links, make sure the link structures aren’t too complicated, and reduce the number of links from paginated landing pages to specific paginated pages. other body.
  • Avoid navigating pagination that causes  duplicated, similar Content  .

5. Conclusion

Above is all that Web Pagination that we want to share. Good luck!

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