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Why your business should register a virtual PBX

Register a virtual PBX is one of the new directions. This is considered the key to the success of today’s businesses. As the age of technology advances dramatically. The integration of the Internet into the business process is a completely new trend.

Traditional switchboards are becoming obsolete. Along with the development of high-tech software, this form of PBX has revealed certain limitations. Meanwhile, virtual PBX was born with outstanding advantages. Has been attracting the attention of many users. Registering for a virtual switchboard is considered the key to helping businesses go further in their product promotion career.

1. Why should you register for a virtual PBX?

The benefits and convenience are not small for customers when using, specifically:

  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Easier to manage thanks to web-based configuration interface
  • Minimize the cost of calls
  • No need for separate phone lines – use a computer network
  • Easy to expand when needed
  • Many useful features
  • Greater control thanks to full reporting
  • Get an overview of current system health and better calls

Why Do Enterprises Su Dung Tong Dai AoWhy should businesses register for a virtual switchboard?

For a business, the key to success lies in the customer first. The trust and support of customers is the premise for the development of the business. Therefore, bringing satisfaction to customers does not stop at product quality. It also depends on how the customer service style is. Want to do well in customer care. Every business needs to have a connection from the switchboard to customers to ensure all 3 criteria: fast – timely – quality.

Meanwhile, the traditional switchboard system has not met all three criteria above. In addition, the installation and reuse costs are high. Registering a virtual PBX is the optimal choice for businesses today.

2. Benefits for businesses

Tai Sao Enterprises Nen Dang Ky Tong Dai Ao 2Benefits for business

The registration of a virtual switchboard brings significant benefits to businesses developing their business, specifically:

  • Capable of screening calls: a virtual PBX allows you to efficiently screen and select incoming calls
  • Much easier to set up and configure than a physical phone system.
  • Can be used immediately after registration without worrying about technical problems.
  • Reduce investment costs of the switchboard: free of charge for internal calls nationwide. At the same time, there is no system investment cost like a physical switchboard.
  • No need to use human resources to manage a cost-effective PBX system
  • Ability to manage and transfer calls anywhere
  • Best quality security features in Vietnam.

It can be affirmed that the  registration of a virtual PBX brings a lot of advantages to the process of using, managing and exploiting enterprises. If you are still having problems with registration, exploitation and use. Please contact ODS. With our experience, we will advise you specifically, helping you better understand this very useful new technology.

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