Which SEO method is effective and saves time for businesses?

You are a website owner, you want to SEO some  keywords on your website to increase sales. But you are wondering which SEO method to choose  to bring your website to the top 10 of Google. The article below will help you with that.

SEO method is way of applying methods , techniques… to improve the  ranking of your website in search results for one  or a group of keywords searched by many search engines today . . Every company and individual doing SEO has its own solution to bring the web to the top.

Effective SEO method

Business product analysis

First of all, to start a business in any field, you should  determine what product/service you want to market. Because only when the goal is determined will you know the direction and also more convenient for choosing seo methods.


Please list what your strengths are, how are the quality of the products that you market  … Then, from the above, find related keywords.

Choose an easy-to-remember domain name

Choosing a domain can be considered as one of the important details affecting the ranking on the website. Through that, the search engines  will  select the content of the page. You need to choose a domain name that is suitable for your business, easy to remember, especially should be combined with  the main keyword to increase  rankings.


There are many  tools to support domain naming based on the available ideas . Naming a short name will be a good seo method to help users remember  right away when they need your service.

Page URL Optimization

In order to achieve high rankings on search engines , the method of seo page URL optimization is one of the important aspects . Consumers more or less want to understand what the page’s content is and how the link URL of the page is.

A consumer  friendly website will be appreciated by Google. Optimizing URLs will bring you many benefits such as increased visits  , increased  article rankings… A good URL needs to meet the following criteria.


  • Use text when setting URL
  • Unsigned, lowercase URL
  • Short but concise (about <75 characters)
  • Contains keywords in the URL
  • The URL needs to be standard with the title tag

Keyword research

Why is keyword research important  ? Because there must be  keywords for web seo to be successfully implemented . Finding bad keyword will   cost you lot of time .

The market is always  changing in terms of services and products that consumers seek  . Therefore, there must be SEO methods to come up with appropriate measures . Finding keywords also helps you to  quickly climb to the top on the search page  .

Keyword Planner is one of the best tools to help you find keywords. Besides , you can  use some other tools like Google Trends, Google Search, Keyword Tool… . Asking questions to find answers will be one of the effective web seo methods.

Optimize titles and images

This is the first display type of an article when people access  the information. Any article must have a title to be  able to seo the web. For onpage seo method, this is one of the super important aspects An seo standard title will help search engines to check high and with more consumer clicks .


Title should include the following details when you want to optimize  seo:

  • Yes, it  contains the main keyword so that search engines can identify the content
  • Title tag cannot  be duplicated with  other websites

The title should be short, concise, semantically clear, and describe the strengths that the business is providing.

For images when posting, please pay attention to the following

  • Do not take images that contain links from other websites to your website.
  • In the link there are keywords related to the article. For example, the image you want to do about seo methods, let the image be in the form phuong-phap-seo.jpg/.png
  • Use Alt tags for images

Full, concise content

Full, concise content  but with more creative details will be the way to attract customers’ attention Sometimes, creative content is enough to convince without advertising  campaigns .


A good content, conveying  a useful message will help your website improve visits, improve rankings thanks to the sharing activity of customers when they want that information to be known by more people .

SEO methods to build backlinks

This is a  super important seo method for effective web seo and is typical for every SEOer, it is also a detail that determines whether your article will be penalized or not  if you do not know the rules and methods seo.


To be  able to get quality links, you must focus on the following details :

  • Post on reputable news sites
  • Place a link on a high-trust site
  • Get backlinks from blog posts

Please follow the right SEO methods and  pay attention to the parts we just mentioned that you can  SEO your website effectivelyOr your business can go  to the units to hire  seo services

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