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Which hotline number is right for your business?

Before deciding to register to install a switchboard hotline number for your business, you should consider which hotline number your business is suitable for to choose the appropriate one Let’s find out through the following article to choose the right hotline number for your business.

What is the hotline number of the switchboard?

Hotline number, also known as a hotline, is a contact information channel when customers need to contact your business. It is the fastest and most convenient way for customers. Because of that, you must pay attention to build a professional hotline system for your business.

Which number should I choose to make a hotline number for a business?

  1. Fixed prefix

Fixed voice service on IP platform allows businesses to use a single number but can respond to multiple calls simultaneously, providing customer service, consulting and telesales.

– Characteristics

Popularity: This is the first feature that needs to be mentioned when it comes to fixed numbers. There are area codes that are too familiar to customers such as 024 Hanoi, 028 Ho Chi Minh City…

Two-way interaction: Can both receive and call back to customers without having to equip an additional number

Fixed number registered and used only for business

– Advantages

Cheap monthly subscription cost

You can make and receive calls at the same time. In addition, the cost of calling out, especially local calls, is also quite low

Enhance credibility: Fixed numbers are only for businesses, so customers calling in will also feel more secure and reputable.

Easy to identify business areas

– Defect

The first number is long (11 digits) so it’s hard to remember

Synchronizing numbers is also difficult: If an enterprise has many offices and branches in different provinces, it is very difficult to choose the same number but only the area code for the business is different. This makes it more difficult to recognize the brand.

– Who should use a fixed number?

All businesses when registering their business need a fixed number to represent the business

If the business operates in 1 province, it is completely possible to use a fixed number as a hotline number

  1. Mobile number

Mobile switchboard is understood as using mobile sim to turn into customer care switchboard, sales switchboard.

– Characteristics

Previously, mobile phone numbers were used by default for personal purposes only. But now with developed technology, mobile numbers have been integrated into the switchboard to serve as hotline numbers for businesses.

– Advantages


The monthly subscription cost is quite low

Regardless of area code

Easy to remember, easy to choose the desired number

– Defect

Although it has been developed into a switchboard number, users still have the mentality of being a personal number

The cost of calling outside the network is also quite high.

– Who should use a mobile number?

A mobile number is suitable for businesses who want to build a customer care, sales, consulting system… In addition, if businesses want to save charges without worrying about the number of calls, they can use a lot of them. number registered on the switchboard system to call customers on-net.

  1. Number 1900

Call Center 1900 is a sales and consulting switchboard in Vietnam. The 1900 call center charges callers, is effectively applied to the sales department, customer care, chain stores, fast delivery, box office of businesses and organizations.

– Characteristics:

The number 1900 can be said to be the most mentioned number of businesses when they want to be a hotline number for businesses. The characteristics of this number can be mentioned as follows:

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Customers who call in cost money: The fee that customers have to pay varies according to the type of business registration number (from 1,000 VND / 1 minute to 15,000 VND / 1 minute)

There is a discount for businesses: Enterprises who register for a first number will enjoy a discount from the total revenue of call charges. The discount will depend on the carrier and the number that the business registers (from 26% – 40%).

Charging method: according to block 1 minute + 1 minute: That is, less than 60s is counted as 1 minute, from the 61st second is counted as 2 minutes…

How it works: The number can only receive one-way calls and cannot be dialed out

– Advantages:

Easy to remember: The first number 1900 has only 2 main forms, the 8-digit form and the 10-digit form, which includes 1900 at the beginning. Therefore, the number 1900 makes it easier for customers to remember

Easy to advertise: The 1900 number can be deployed nationwide, regardless of area code. Therefore, the promotion of the number is also very simple.

There is a discount for businesses: Because of the characteristics of this number, there is a discount according to the revenue of call charges for businesses. If the volume of call charges is high, this is indeed not a small amount.

Professionalism: Owning a 1900 number will increase the professionalism and reputation of the business.

– Defect:

Of course, the 1900 number also has certain disadvantages:

Forcing a charge notice in the greeting on the switchboard: This is a mandatory regulation of the network operator in order to make transparent the rate that customers will have to pay per minute of calling.

Customers are afraid to pay high costs

Difficult to choose the number you want: Because the length of the number 1900 is only 8 to 10 characters, of which 1900 has taken up 4 characters. Not to mention the characters that regulate the network operator, the charge rate… That’s why choosing a number according to your preferences is also quite difficult.

How it works: Can only receive calls, so on the switchboard it is necessary to have an additional phone number to meet the call out needs of the business.

– Who should use the prefix 1900?

Improve customer service: Businesses that need to use a number such as sales, consulting, customer care … then 1900 is the right choice. However, the fee for this need should be at 1000 VND, which will make customers more comfortable when calling the business.

Number business: Some businesses use this number for business purposes such as: Consulting on insurance procedures, study abroad consulting, visa service, law office … Can be used at different rates. higher than 3,000 VND, 5,000 VND or higher depending on the purpose and needs.

  1. No. 1800

1800 or 1800 is a toll-free number for customer care and technical support businesses. The 1800 switchboard is widely used by businesses in customer care to bring the feeling of being fully served to customers.

– Characteristics

Free call charges: The 1800 number has the biggest feature that is free of charge for customers when calling in. Charges incurred will be paid by the registered enterprise using the number.

Call only: Like the 1900 number, the 1800 number can only receive calls from customers.

– Advantages

Increase customers calling in: Because it is a toll-free number, it will stimulate more customers to call in

Easy to remember, easy to advertise: The 1800 number is similar to the 1900 number, it can be deployed nationwide, regardless of the area code.

– Defect

Costs: In addition to the initial deployment and installation costs. Businesses also have to pay additional costs incurred by customers calling.

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It is difficult to manage the arising charges because it is not known in advance the time that customers will call in

Easy to disrupt: Because it is a toll-free number, it is impossible to avoid calls from people who have no need for the business’s services, not to mention bad opponents (However, this disadvantage has been partially overcome thanks to disruptive number blocking tools)

The number head can only receive calls, so if the business needs to contact customers, it is forced to equip an additional call-out number.

– Who should use the 1800 number?

The 1800 number is suitable for businesses with big brands, stimulating the call-in needs of customers. Also some businesses want to improve their customer service.


Above are the hotlines that we introduce to your business, hopefully with the information shared above will help your business choose the right hotline number for your business model.

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