What should I pay attention to when buy Facebook ad account so that I don’t get scammed?

Why do we have to buy Facebook ad account? Buy a Facebook ad account to :

  • There are many personal accounts to sell on Profile (personal page).
  • There are many Facebook accounts to seeding, interacting, liking, sharing, commenting on your articles.
  • There are many Facebook accounts to deploy to increase likes (likes), followers, shares, and reviews for your Fanpage.

Increase engagement for your articles by seeding.


Find the address to buy a reputable, reputable Facebook ad account:

To buy a quality Facebook ad account, you first need to find a reputable Facebook ad account selling address. Experience is to ask people who are familiar with this field. They have a lot of resources to recommend to you. Their reviews and comments about the quality of the nick are the most guaranteed.

In case you can’t find an address to buy Facebook ad accounts from acquaintances, you can type buy Facebook ad account / buy via facebook / buy facebook nick to run ads. Tens of millions of results are returned, but you should prioritize buying addresses according to the following criteria:

+ Where there is a warranty policy. At least for about 24 hours so you have time to check.

+ The place of purchase has a clear location on Google Maps. If it’s a service provider, even better.

A secret to choosing a place to buy Facebook ad accounts that few facebook ads know. That is, you can buy it through companies that provide via raising services, raising nicks in bulk. When buying, you are required to take care of your account to ensure quality. If you contact the nick farming software company directly, they will introduce you to a reputable address.

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Request the seller to provide full nick information:

The information the seller is required to provide you after buying a Facebook ad account:

  • Facebook ID
  • Facebook account password
  • UID (may or may not be)
  • Security code 2FA
  • Email and password of the email (may or may not be)

Time to create a nick needs at least 1 year or more: 

The third factor to consider when buying a Facebook ad account is the time it takes to create a nick. You should choose a nick with a creation time of 1 year or more. These accounts already have trust levels. Advertising will be easier. In addition, you need to pay attention to some other information such as:

  • Nick’s number of friends
  • How frequent are nick’s activities?
  • Check nick’s ad account to see if it’s still active. You bought a Facebook ad account, but the nick’s ad account can’t be used. This will cause huge damage.


How many types of Facebook advertising accounts (VIA Facebook) are there?

For customers to buy, they will understand the purpose of buying that account.

So I will guide you to differentiate.

Hard VIA Viet : is a Facebook account created by a computer located in Vietnam, the wifi network is set to IP in Vietnam. Or “obtained” from users who don’t know how to protect their accounts. To be precise, it was hacked.
Clone : is a Facebook account created by machine, by software, completely without real users. 
Interactive : is a Facebook account with real interaction, messaging, sharing, likes and comments.
Changed : this Facebook account is changed 100% of all information from email, date of birth, biography, backup … compared to the old owner of the account.
Zin ads : This Facebook account has never run ads.
Number of friends : is a real Facebook account, so having friends is real, but all interactions have been filtered.
2FA : is the security code verification number of that account.
Foreign VIA : is a Facebook account created by a computer and wifi network in foreign countries such as Australia, Philippines, USA, UK (EU), …
Stock, created year 2008-20xx : is the time that Facebook account was created, the older it is, the more expensive it is and the easier it is to advertise.
Create a business link : is the trust of this VIA that has been allowed by Facebook to create a business account (BM: Business manager)
Soak not die : is an account that has been logged in and interacted and created promotional articles and has not died.
Go to the camp smoothly, cover the camp : an account that is “guaranteed” by the seller to be advertised, but you should not believe it.
Budget threshold:  is the account where the payout is run each day of the total of all campaigns, $50-350 is the threshold number in that account.
VIA Momo:  is an account that can use momo wallet for payment.
XMDT : is identity verification, only 1 Facebook ad account that has been confirmed by Facebook to have an identity card or driver’s license to authenticate as a user, is allowed to run ads.
Above are the information to keep in mind when buying a Facebook ad account . Hope the article will bring you useful information!

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