What should businesses pay attention to when hiring a service to run Facebook ads to be effective?

Should you hire a service to run Facebook ads to promote your business more effectively? Surely that is the question that you ask yourself every time you think about running ads. Chances are, you will also get a lot of offers to run a Facebook product advertising strategy. But how not to be “stuck”? Check out the important notes with Lokas when you want to hire an external advertising service through this article!

To hire a service to run Facebook ads, you need to have basic knowledge of Marketing:

If you don’t have basic knowledge about running Facebook ads, then the service side runs ads they draw things you don’t know which way to go.

You should at least know:

  •  What factors in  Facebook Marketing help sales success?
  • How Facebook Ads are Paid.
  • What elements of advertising content need to have in order to sell effectively?
  • How to manage your advertising budget.

You can learn these knowledge on the internet, youtube.. But it will take a lot of time and mainly have to tinker.


Only hire agencies you know their capabilities

In the process of researching and choosing the Agency you want to cooperate with. Choose an agency that you know their capabilities well.

To be able to evaluate how good the agency’s ability to run ads? Is there a possibility to take on your project? You can test it by doing the following:

  • First, ask the question: “What was their previous project? Do they have experience running this field? Have they ever failed?”. By constantly asking and answering such questions, you will choose the agency you want to cooperate with the most suitable.
  • Second, after you’ve done your research, you should have time to try it out first. The two sides discuss to be able to reach the goal to bring about the final effect.

Trust only when there is a basis

Another important note in the experience of choosing to hire a service to run Facebook ads. That is, you should only trust an Agency when there is a real basis.

There are plenty of people who make a compelling commitment to the performance of your business. But find out if they have really reached this number? Or is there a basis for that confidence?

In addition, if you have chosen to cooperate with a certain unit when running Ads, in the process of working, you also need to pay attention to the following notes:

  • Beware of losing money, ask for the highest permissions in the Facebook Ads management apps they use and ask how to read sales reports.
  • Do not share Fanpage admin rights. That’s the case many people have encountered, when they shared all the Fanpage administration books and eventually they lost their Fanpage. Thus, you only need to share Editor rights to post and run ads for sales.
  • If they are not transparent, say goodbye quickly. The two sides need to work transparently and make clear commitments through contracts.


 What is the service party’s commitment?

Usually, the parties that run advertising hire ok they usually commit to sales. For example: Running 2 million sales how much. And they will get paid according to the % of sales achieved.

But the party that is 100% committed to you to order should rethink whether something delicious will have its turn?

And remember also don’t be greedy for engagement metrics like clicks, reach… because if you set a KPI but the order doesn’t have it, it doesn’t make any sense.

There is a clear commitment in writing

Whether you work with an individual or a company, you should have a clear contract, black and white paper, especially with acquaintances. Because if you don’t have papers, what do you use to talk to people later? It is essential to have a clear service lease agreement. Or if you exchange online, before closing the problem, you should send 1 more email to them and ask them to confirm it is correct? Everything must be clear, it will benefit you later.


It is recommended to run tests with a low budget

If you want to hire a service to run Facebook ads to push big budgets, you should first let them test 3-5 million within 10 days to see what the results are?

If it feels effective, then continue running, if not, say goodbye.

Above are the experiences Lokas shares with you if you intend to hire outside advertising services. Hope the article will bring you useful information.

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