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What is Zalo Marketing to do? Why should do Marketing on Zalo?

Considered as a potential market for all products/services, Zalo has become a marketing channel for businesses/sellers. With its advantage is a large number of users, from all walks of life, of all ages ….. bringing to the market a “gold mine”. So what  exactly is Zalo Marketing ? Why should do Marketing on Zalo? The answer will be answered by us in the lower part of the article.

1. What is Zalo Marketing?

Before talking about  what is Zalo Marketing to do ? We will briefly learn about Zalo. Zalo is a free messaging and calling application specifically for the Vietnamese market. This is an application that was born on 08/08/2012 by VNG. Similar to Viber, Skype, Line, … zalo works mainly on the OTT platform with the use of phone numbers to register. All calls and texting are completely free, and later on Zalo integrates many smart and convenient features such as: Online payment, money transfer, zalo wallet, etc. In other aspects, Zalo also becomes a social network. like facebook when users can share content, update information from friends ….

Zalo Marketing La Gi Sao Nen Lam Marketing ZaloThe concept of Zalo Marketing

Zalo Marketing is the use of marketing forms on the Zalo platform such as: Finding new customers, promoting products, taking care of customers ….to bring benefits to business people and sellers. Intuitively, zalo Marketing is a tool / means for sellers to connect with buyers.

2. Why should you do Marketing on Zalo?

Zalo has been the marketing channel chosen by the world’s leading brands and brands. And now, in the 21st century, it is a “gold mine” if anyone knows how to dig and search. So why should do Marketing on Zalo?

Zalo Marketing La Gi Sao Nen Lam Marketing Zalo 1Reasons to do Marketing on Zalo

2.1 Zalo has a huge number of users

As of May 2017, there are up to 30 million people using the zalo application and this number is increasing by the minute. With this huge number of potential customers ,  it is a better choice for any brand, product/service. With millions of customers using it, it’s not difficult to find potential customer data. In addition, each phone number has only one account, it ensures sellers do not waste time with virtual accounts, expensive advertising costs, etc.

2.2 Should do marketing on zalo because it has great features

  • Zalo marketing  can completely bring potential customers for all products, all fields. Because it is very easy to use, zalo attracts not only young people but also middle-aged and elderly people. This inadvertently brings open markets for everything.
  • Adding the feature “find friends around” zalo is connecting people together. In particular, for FA people, this is a place to help find the other half quickly without any usage fees. If you know how to take advantage of the “pairing” feature of companies, businesses can make  zalo ads campaigns  completely possible.
  • Zalo also allows users to set up a page, a sales page, to update information and sell. Contains a huge game store and extremely “cool” emoticons to meet the needs of young people.
  • The security of Zalo is also a plus point to help it become the most popular application in Vietnam to date.

2.3 Saving costs when doing zalo marketing

Texting, calling is completely free, now you can connect with buyers at no cost. You only have to pay the advertising fee if any.

3. How to do zalo marketing

In  zalo’s business model , zalo marketing is done with many different methods.

2.1 Zalo marketing through personal accounts

  • Personal Zalo can send friend requests or message people according to specific gender and age. Of course it’s completely free.
  • With a list of available phone numbers, zalo accounts can send friend requests.
  • Personal accounts can share and update information on their personal pages to reach customers.
  • Personal accounts can also turn on the mode so other zalo can find them.

2.2 Zalo Marketing via Official Account

That is using Official Accounts with thousands of accounts, making friends, sending automatic messages to hundreds of accounts at the same time. From there, bringing a huge number of customers for advertising campaigns ….. Moreover, these mass zalo friending software can make friends with people with similar interests….

3.2 Zalo Marketing using Zalo Ads

Currently, with the approval of the Official Account, Zalo advertising becomes an effective marketing channel for any seller, in any product/service. However, how effectively it is used depends on the marketing team, depending on the ability, vision …

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