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What Is Word Of Mouth Marketing? Learn about Word of mouth Marketing

Finding new marketing strategies for businesses in the digital age can be quite challenging. Besides the “national” forms of advertising, there are newer and more effective strategies to help take your business to the next level, one of which is Word Of Mouth Marketing – word of mouth marketing.

In this article, we will all explore Word Of Mouth Marketing and learn more outstanding cases about this plan so that you can completely apply it to your business.

1. What is Word Of Mouth Marketing?

In this world, everyone likes to chat. It’s instinct to interact and want to be interactive. Facebook became a social networking giant because Mark created a great connection platform, making it simple and convenient for people to interact with each other, wherever they are (of course there must be a connection). internet connection). In short, people love to talk!

Word Of Mouth Marketing La Gi Tim Hieu Ve NoWhat is Word Of Mouth Marketing?

There are many definitions of word of mouth marketing. WOMM was born based on the need to interact with each other. So in my opinion, word of mouth marketing is simply creating a story for people to talk about you, and making it as easy as possible for that story to happen.

You need to note, word of mouth marketing is only effective when your product / service is really good. Sometimes, customer word of mouth happens when your product or service is so good, that they become voluntary “fans” and speak well of your business whenever they get the chance.

2. Importance of Word Of Mouth Marketing

Designing and building a successful business is not a simple thing because there are many factors to consider. First and foremost, you need to win the trust of potential buyers. That’s when word of mouth marketing comes into play. When buyers have a positive experience with a brand name, they are more likely to launch that brand name with their friends and family.

92% of customers say they are more likely to trust products and services recommended by their loved ones than advertised.

Meanwhile,  88% of consumers say they trust online reviews .

Providing excellent services and high-quality products helps create buzz, making people talk about your business more.

3. Benefits of Word Of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing offers many benefits, for example: Free marketing: you don’t need to invest tons of money in promoting your business. Increase sales: positive reviews and comments The poles left by your customers will most likely convince others to trust your brand and buy your products. Build trust and credibility: having positive reviews and testimonials helps build Build credibility and credibility for your brand with your target audience.

4. The essence of word of mouth marketing – Word of Mouth

Word-of-mouth marketing differs from natural referrals for a company’s products and services in that it can be the result of advertising, promotion, or other influencing activities by the company. What is Word Of Mouth?

Examples of word-of-mouth marketing might include a diner tweeting about a restaurant after having a great dinner experience there; or when someone gets a good experience from using a product in a novel way.

Word Of Mouth Marketing La Gi Tim Hieu Ve No 1The Essence of Word Of Mouth Marketing

Additionally, word-of-mouth marketing doesn’t stop at the first interaction, but tends to lead to a series of follow-up interactions.

A company’s word-of-mouth marketing incentive can take many forms. The best way is to give consumers a reason to talk, such as providing an experience that exceeds their expectations, or providing inside information about a product.

Other strategies include providing consumers with new ways to share information about a company’s products and services, and engage and interact with consumers, such as through customer service. good goods.

5. Why is the Word Of Mouth so powerful?

In the mind of customers, businesses just need to sell as many products and earn as much money as possible; In addition to the frequent press list of fraudulent and unscrupulous business cases, consumers are increasingly creating a “doubt” mentality towards businesses. They will think “advertising is just a lie”. At this point, a product recommendation from an acquaintance will be much more believable, because the listener will receive it with the attitude that it is advice, not an offer or advertisement.

Word Of Mouth Marketing La Gi Tim Hieu Ve No 2The terrible power of Word of mouth marketing

From a business perspective, when they satisfy their customers, that customer group will become loyal to the business and become natural “brand ambassadors” for the business. They will volunteer to introduce, advise, speak well for the company’s products whenever they have the opportunity. This comes from the mentality of wanting to talk, help others, and at the same time, it is also a way for them to “prove knowledge” to the people they talk to. Therefore, if you know how to make customers “small and big” about your products, businesses have a surprisingly effective marketing method in their hands.

6. Conclusion

Above is all the information about Word Of Mouth Marketing that we want to share. Good luck!

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