What is Wifi Marketing? What are its benefits in Marketing?

In recent times, Wifi Marketing has become more familiar. Businesses have chosen this form to promote and market their products closer to customers. Let’s find out what  Wifi Marketing is. At the same time, see how it is implemented, what benefits are in each Marketing campaign.

1. What is Wifi Marketing?

Wifi Marketing is also known as Wifi marketing. This is a simple way for businesses to promote their products and services through the Wifi network. Usually here is the free Wifi wave.

Examples to help you better understand this marketing method:

Wifi Marketing La Gi Loi Ich Cua Wifi MarketingThe concept of Wifi Marketing

At some locations, sellers install Wifi and let customers use it completely free of charge. Instead of using a password, they will see a product, an advertisement or simply a promotional information of the brand. Only then can they use Wifi for their Internet access purposes.

Besides asking customers to see advertising information, Wifi providers can also get customer information. Like Facebook, gmail… From there, it’s easy to use it for later marketing purposes.

2. What are the benefits of Wifi Marketing?

It can be seen that Wifi Marketing brings a lot of benefits to both businesses and customers. Below, we will learn about that in detail.

Wifi Marketing La Gi Loi Ich Cua Wifi Marketing 1Benefits of Wifi Marketing

2.1 Benefits of Wifi Marketing for businesses

Increase brand awareness

 This is the first benefit the business receives. Through eye-catching introductory images, this marketing program will help customers identify your brand and remember you longer. If you are clever, you can completely integrate outstanding and attractive business programs into Marketing.

Easily collect more customer information

 Currently, many free Wifi providers require users to enter personal information. The psychology of users is also quite comfortable with this when they can use Wifi completely free. Therefore, you can easily collect a lot of personal information of guests. From there, use it effectively for other marketing programs.

What are the benefits of Wifi Marketing – understand the wishes of the user

 In case the business does not want to get personal information, you can instead take a short survey with 3 to 5 sentences. Then, the customer will respond and help you understand what the customer wants.

Increase sales revenue

 This is the ultimate destination of any marketing program. Watching advertising programs, attractive information about products will help customers more interested in your products. From there, it’s easy to make a buying decision.

2.2 Benefits of Wifi Marketing for customers

Not only businesses, even users receive certain benefits. As follows:

Enjoy the convenience of shopping

 This is the first thing customers receive. When going to the store, many people want to visit the Website again to see the price of the product they intend to buy. But not everyone has a phone connected to the Internet. And the store’s free Wifi will help you do just that.

What are the benefits of Wifi Marketing – Improve the good experience

 Free Wifi is considered a good convenience for customers. Therefore, these campaigns also help the customer’s experience when coming to the store to be better. A recent survey also shows that 62% of customers will decide to return more times if the store has Wifi.

3. How to use Wifi Marketing to reach and collect customer information

Below, let’s take a look at the simple ways to reach customers and get more information in these simple marketing campaigns.

Wifi Marketing La Gi Loi Ich Cua Wifi Marketing 2How to use Wifi Marketing to collect customer information

  • How to increase brand recognition:  Provide an advertising slide at the Wifi access screen. Requires users to scroll to the bottom of the slide to log in.
  • Interact and understand customer behavior:  Play a mini-game or take a survey before logging on to Wifi.
  • Collect customer information:  Email or social network input required.
  • Brand promotion:  Ask customers to share your WEBsite on  Facebook and social networks before logging in to Wifi.

In addition, there are many other methods to help you use Wifi Marketing most effectively. Depending on the purpose and characteristics of your business, you need to consider to choose the right method for you.

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