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What is white hat SEO? Forms in white hat SEO 2022

When it comes to SEO, there are usually two schools of white hat SEO and black hat SEO. In particular, Whitehat SEO is an orthodox SEO method, using the optimization of SEO factors to climb to the TOP of search in a long-term way, without violating Google’s rules. So how is this SEO method done, what is different from blackhat, let’s find out with Lokas through the content of the reading below!

1. The concept of white hat SEO

White hat SEO is an SEO method that complies with 100% of webmaster guidelines and increases ranking points to the top position in Google without breaking any rules. Whitehat SEO takes user needs as the core value to build websites. The principle of white hat website content building is quality content, optimizing content and prioritizing increasing user experience.

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2. Pros and cons

The outstanding advantage of white hat SEO is that it is not penalized by Google. White hat is defined as simply implementing basic SEO philosophies. Whitehat usually carries less risk than black hat SEO because it gets more traffic through Google updates or manual action.

On the contrary, the biggest disadvantage of white hat SEO is that few people apply this method because of its high difficulty in practice. According to data from surveys from SEOers, the percentage of people who comply with Google’s rules 100% is very low, on the contrary, people tend to switch to gray hat or black hat.

3. White hat SEO and black hat SEO

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In the field of Digital Marketing, SEO is divided into two schools: white hat and black hat SEO. It can be understood simply that whitehat is the use of orthodox methods and black hat SEO is the use of unorthodox methods for the purpose of misleading search engines.

However, understand that hats in SEO do not represent how good or bad they are. Hats in SEO simply represent the philosophies used by SEO professionals and how closely the tactics they employ follow Google’s webmaster guidelines. You are free to choose the hat that you think is the most suitable.

4. The difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO

Although SEO is divided into 2 schools, not everyone knows the difference between white hat SEO and Blackhat SEO. To understand the essence of white hat SEO and why this is the best method to increase website rankings, avoid being penalized by Google, let’s discover the 4 differences right below.

4.1 White hat SEO focuses on content, black hat SEO focuses on numbers

This is the difference between white hat SEO techniques and black hat SEO that are considered the most basic and appreciated. If using white hat SEO techniques, you should know the basic features of the tool. Besides, you also need to learn about how they operate and develop.

It’s important to know what your competitors’ product search behavior looks like. Changing the content of your website will well meet the needs and wants of users. At the same time, this change will help your website increase its ranking on search pages.

4.2 White hat SEO uses content, black hat SEO uses technique

White hat SEO focuses on creating valuable content that contains many related keywords. These are necessary and valuable functions for finding tools and users. It is this direction that has helped white hats have sustainable and long-term value for users because of their high usefulness.

Black hat SEO uses techniques to cheat search engines such as using hidden content and inserting a lot of keywords, the text often has the same color as the background of the website, so users cannot recognize it. At the same time, the comments also apply this method.

4.3 White hat SEO chooses Meta tag, Black hat SEO stuffs Meta tag

The difference between white hat and black hat SEO is also clearly shown through the meta tag. In particular, white hats often emphasize choosing enough and being selective in keyword phrases relevant to the site’s content. These keyword phrases often appear in the meta tag.

In contrast, black hat tends to insert too many keywords in the meta tag. Search engines always have a mechanism to find meta tags filled with keywords like this, ie the website has a high risk of being banned. This jeopardizes your website.

4.4 White hat SEO aims for the long term, black hat SEO is effective in the short term.

One difference between white hat and subsequent black hat SEO is time efficiency. While white hats use methods to increase a website’s rankings, it collects value from users when they visit the website. This will help increase the reputation of the website in the community although it takes a lot of time to implement.

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Black hats apply techniques that can help you solve short-term problems and direct users to the products and services your website offers. Due to the use of “tricky” methods to deceive search engines, the website will not show up on those engines if it is detected. Therefore, black hat SEO only has short-term value.


5. Factors that make up white hat SEO

Each SEO method has its own unique elements. Your job is to understand and understand the nature of white hat SEO to comply with Google’s guidelines as well as help the website develop sustainably and long term. The factors that make up Whitehat SEO will be mentioned below.

5.1 Keyword research and analysis

Keyword research is considered time consuming, but once you have chosen the right keywords, it will help your website to trend. Keyword analysis helps you identify the right target audience that is searching for the product. Ranking for the right keywords is an important factor in bringing your website to the right level.


5.2 Backlinks

A major contributing factor to white hat SEO is backlinks. The more backlinks your website has, the more popular it is with search engines. At the same time, backlinks also help improve link popularity and visibility. This will bring good results for your website.


5.3 Content

A quality and diverse content will bring a lot of value to viewers. It also means that your website will appear more on Google. Therefore, SEOer often focuses on white hat to increase traffic to the website and develop a sustainable website.

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5.4 Main characteristics of white hat SEO

After understanding the factors that make up white hat SEO, you need to remember the 3 typical characteristics of white hats: focusing on the brand, optimizing the compatibility of the website on mobile devices, and taking advantage of it. optimal space. When you invest in a website in a mainstream way, you will definitely achieve certain success.

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