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What is Virtual PBX? What are the benefits to the business?

Are you a business, looking for a cost-effective solution to invest in hardware equipment for your company? Don’t worry, virtual PBX is the perfect choice for your business right now.

What is Virtual PBX?

Virtual PBX is a switchboard that is used entirely through the internet instead of pulling lines from the post office. It is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, service companies… Using a virtual PBX is very good for business operations, can build a professional PBX system without having to invest in a switchboard. need IT to operate, moreover, it also changes the mind of customers from buying to renting a switchboard.

Which customers should use virtual PBX?

In recent years, virtual PBX is one of the most popular call center services used by businesses. The main customers using virtual PBX are:

+ Organizations, companies and businesses need to set up their own telephone exchange but do not have technical specialists. The private switchboard will support receiving information, consulting, sales, customer care … of the company by phone.

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+ Customer care and support department, sales department, marketing department, online sales department of businesses, stores, supermarkets…

What do businesses get when using virtual PBX services?

Cost savings

Enterprises do not need to invest in a physical PBX system. All administration and configuration tasks are done via the internet with a web browser and using the enterprise’s existing intranet system.

In particular, internal calls to branches are completely free, saving charges up to 50%.

No need for technical staff (IT)

Enterprises minimize personnel management costs and system maintenance costs.

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Call recording

All staff calls with customers will be recorded. This utility helps to take care of customers as well as check the process of consultants and customers to respond better.

Easy to upgrade and expand

Virtual PBX is not as complicated as you think. In case the business has a new employee, a new branch, the expansion is very simple and easy even without support from IT staff.

Software connection

Provide API connection to CRM, ER sales software…

Stable safety

Virtual PBX system can guarantee 99.9% uptime safety stability.

Multi-platform support (computers, smartphones, etc.)

Call statistics

You can evaluate the employee’s work efficiency through the statistics of the number of incoming and outgoing calls.

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