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What is Video Marketing? The process and strategy of creating Marketing videos

Video Marketing  today is an extremely effective online tool to do Marketing. Many people have made a lot of money from this form, and also many brands have emerged from using video as an effective communication tool. Hear from successful people from Video Marketing sharing their experience of making Marketing videos.

Creating a video related to your industry or something funny or newsworthy on Youtube can get you a huge number of visitors to your website. But if your video is boring, just about your business, People won’t want to see it. Video users are looking for fun, humor, fun that is valuable to them. That’s what you need to give them.

1. What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is video products used to communicate and market products and services of businesses to customers and partners. These marketing video templates have short, concise content and help convey the business’s message, highlighting the product. Thereby stimulating purchase behavior, use and awareness of customers to products or services.

Video marketing is an effective form of advertising when consumer buying behavior is increasingly changing in the developing digital age.

Video MarketingConcept of Video Marketing

2. Video Marketing Production Process

2.1 Creating marketing videos with available materials: 

For pre-documented marketing video templates, the video marketing production process will be as follows:

B1: Collecting data from Customers

B2: Come up with an idea for a marketing video script

B3: Write a detailed script (Crips Idea)

B4: Producing marketing videos

B5: Export video sent for approval from customers.

Video Marketing is usually short in length from 30s to 90s and the content will help customers fully visualize what your business wants to send to customers.

ProcedureVideo Marketing Production Process

2.2 The process of filming and editing marketing videos:

For videos that need investment in filming, the process will be as follows:

B1: Collecting data from Customers

B2: Come up with an idea for a marketing video script

B3: Write a detailed script (Crips Idea)

B4: Storyboard

B5: Choose actors (Casting) _ Actors can be employees in the business.

B6: Conduct pre-production

B7: Post-production

B8: Export video sent for approval from customers.

3. Media strategy for video marketing

Social media has always been an important area targeted by marketers. But now it is even more important than ever. During the recent Covid-19 epidemic, consumer behavior has changed almost entirely. A large number of people use social networks regularly. They want to kill time while working.

Video Marketing 2

According to one statistic, people have spent 47% of their time on social media during the quarantine, with 15% expecting to stay that way, even after the lockdown is lifted. . That’s a big time when you have to attract the attention of your target customers or social media users.

Twitter says it can reach 386 million users with ads on their platform, while Facebook says advertisers can reach over 2 billion on their platform! This is a huge audience that you don’t want to miss. To be able to turn them into potential customers of your business, you need to promote Video marketing for your business right away.

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