What is Tatech Virtual PBX? The advantages of Tatech that you should know

Tatech is a phone switchboard that applies VoIP technology on the Internet platform to help businesses deploy quickly, without having to invest in infrastructure, saving up to 50% of monthly costs compared to traditional switchboards.

1. What is Tatech?

Tatech – is a virtual call center that takes care of customers in a smart way and is operated entirely on a cloud computing platform. Help businesses save call costs to customers, and at the same time, don’t let the Call Center department of the business miss any calls from customers. Besides, improve the professional working spirit, improve the quality of customer care and help businesses bring back old customers more.

Tatech La Gi Nhung Uu Diem Crab Tatech Ma Ban Nen BietThe concept of Tatech

2. The advantages of Tatech . virtual switchboard

2.1 Smart call division feature

When a new customer calls the switchboard, the switchboard will store the customer’s phone number.
When the old customer calls back, the smart switchboard will query the data and then transfer the call to the person in charge.

Tatech La Gi Nhung Uu Diem Crab Tatech Ma Ban Nen Biet 1Smart call division

2.2 VoIP Smart PBX

Different from the traditional switchboard, Tatech smart switchboard allows users to script content, transmit content to customers, edit content according to business requirements and thereby contribute to increasing interaction for customers. enterprise.

Tatech La Gi Nhung Uu Diem Crab Tatech Ma Ban Nen Biet 2VoIP Smart PBX

2.3 Call management and reporting system

Tatech smart switchboard features real-time monitoring of all incoming/outgoing calls. At the same time, manage in detail the chat history of all incoming calls, outgoing calls and missed calls.

2.4 Department management

Create and manage multiple contacts (individual customers), multiple companies, contact groups for each department and department of the company.

2.5 Intuitive interface

The screen interface is extremely smart and user-friendly.

Easy to use

Register for quick account activation, there are many tools to use and instructions.

Manage and check easily

2.6 Cross-platform support

In addition to the Web version, the Tatech virtual PBX system also supports working well on Android and iOS versions, supporting multiple devices: IP Phone. Extremely powerful API system, easy to integrate with any system. Already integrated with many partners like Getfly, Hubspot.

Tatech La Gi Nhung Uu Diem Crab Tatech Ma Ban Nen Biet 3Cross-platform support

2.7 Continuously adding interactive channels

Tatech smart virtual switchboard system constantly updates and adds new interactive channels such as: Zalo, Live Talk tool – free video call on your Website, Video calling meeting solution.

2.8 Creating maximum efficiency for business

Tatech brings the best with a call success rate of up to 98%. Recorded files will be stored after each call. In addition, Tatech added the OMI Live Talk feature to support directly on the corporate website. In order to help businesses can consult online sales for customers on the Website in a convenient and completely free way. Integrate with existing Marketing solutions.

3. Which customers should use virtual PBX?

Looking at the advantages of Tatech smart switchboard, it is undeniable that it is playing an important role in contributing to the success of users. Currently, the Tatech virtual switchboard service is suitable for many customers, namely the following:

  • Businesses are in need of using a PBX, but do not want to invest too much money in a separate PBX system.
  • Enterprises have too many branches, employees have to work in different locations.
  • The enterprise does not have a fixed office.
  • The business is wishing to improve the customer service and support department to become more professional and effective.

Tatech virtual switchboard – Customer care solution is the trend of most businesses. To build a professional, efficient and cost-optimized system.

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