What is SEO Marketing? Benefits of SEO Marketing for businesses

If you’ve owned a website that’s been up and running for the past few years, you’ll probably  see the importance of SEO marketing . The field has grown to be an important part of digital marketing  in all marketing for most  businesses, with  online success often relying on the ability of your website to rank high in search  .

Specifically just look at Digital marketing, compare SEO with  PPC, Email marketing, Social marketing or any other channel. Where does SEO fit and how important  is it in marketing? In this article, we will talk about the role of SEO Marketing and where you should  prioritize SEO in your marketing plan.

What is SEO Marketing?

SEO stands for 3 words Search Engine Optimization. Translated  as search engine optimization  . The main job of an  SEO marketer is to help  a certain website appear in the top 10 on search engines ( usually Google).


SEO Marketing  is the stage  of website optimization and marketing. To increase brand visibility on the online environment. Especially in Google search , showing up on social networking sites. Display information on forums and related websites. other officials.

How important is SEO marketing?

Without SEO marketing, your website will have less chance for users  to find in search engines, and miss the opportunity to reach 90% of online users who usually start with search. Of course, it ‘s more important than that, there are a bunch of different benefits that come from improving your SEO marketing.


In a study published in BrightEdge’s Search Engine Land, it was determined that an average of 51% of visitors to a website were through organic (  organic  search sources driven by SEO, search engines, and organic search engines. Compulsory  Earnings  (PPC) accounted for an average of 10% and Social Media just 5%.

Depending on your industry,  SEO marketing can sometimes take on even greater importance . For example, marketing services  depend on SEO for more than 70% of their traffic . Research also says Revenue generated by SEO marketing  is no less than 40% of total revenue generated by a website (across every  industry).

What are the benefits of SEO marketing?

1. Seo marketing helps optimize website

The components of the website include: sitemap, tags, speed, image size, URL, title, code language, etc., once optimized with Google requirements, they will help improve website quality. The SEO website marketing will also shape the user experience.


2. Increase the opportunity to reach customers

Through keyword planning that follows customer needs, Seo marketing helps you easily reach potential customers. These are customers with a high probability of converting to buying behavior. When needing to buy a product or item, consumers often have a tendency to go to Google to search for information about the product, and consult with consumers first. Once the website has more keywords to the top, high traffic, the ability of customers to contact and choose your product is extremely large.


3. Help customers actively find businesses

Running ads that  make you passive and continuously  draw  attention to you , SEO marketing is simpler and easier. Consumers often will not  believe in advertising right away , but will often find information on their own. Once the website is on the Top of Google search  , ensure that  potential customers will actively choose to buy products from your website to meet their needs and take the initiative in deciding to contact the  business .

4. SEO Marketing has stable traffic

Users will trust organic results instead of ads. In addition, the Google Ads form is often less informative and does not fully inform the problems that users want. The higher the search position of the website, the higher the level of trust. Thanks to SEO marketing, the website to Top Google, users can easily see your products and services easily in many places, many times.


5. SEO Marketing helps to save costs

Currently, the price range for SEO marketing  is not  as high as other forms of advertising,  so  they are extremely suitable  for small and medium businesses . Therefore, marketing costs  are very  important  for a  business You will only need to invest in upgrading and optimizing the  website. These investment values ​​always exist and accompany the website . Even with thousands of visits , you still have no additional costs for those this access . Once your website is checked for high quality, the bid for running Google ads (if you run Google Ads) will also be very cheap.

6. SEO Marketing Targets Specific Users


If compared with  other normal forms of advertising  on the net like advertising, you certainly  will not be able to control your potential audience. Through planning appropriate keywords, when consumers search for information about the service they are in need of, your website will be displayed on the first page of search results. They will quickly  click on your link , from which the chance  of becoming a  customer  is 70% of the time. Like you with  good information  , they are looking for a type of  service or product that they need.

7. SEO marketing has lasting results

Once you have stopped SEO marketing for your website, these search results do not  disappear automatically . Once your competitors do better seo can push your ranking  down. However, if there is no  competitor to surpass you, your website will still be at the top and you will continue to benefit from the traffic  .

So, with  the above knowledge , how did you decipher  SEO Marketing  ? Now, you can completely apply  this form to your Marketing phase . If you are in need of choosing to understand  SEO services . Come to  Lokas for direct advice

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