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What is Retargeting advertising? Learn more about retargeting

Remarketing, also known as retargeting advertising, is a great marketing solution to help businesses boost revenue. In today’s article, let’s learn more about this form of running ads.

1. What is retargeting advertising?

In order for an ad campaign to be highly effective, marketers need to thoroughly understand each method used. So how do you understand remarketing?

Quang Cao Bam Duoi La Gi Thong Tin Ve Quang Cao NayLearn the concept of retargeting

You may not know, according to a recent Google study, up to 96% of potential users who click on an ad lead to the home website, or visit the website directly for the first time, but it does not lead to a conversion. (Create an order, leave a message for advice, …).

At this point, marketers will study how to convince potential customers to return to your website once, twice, even many other times. The process will end until the person makes a purchase. This is a specific example of a retargeting ad, making it easier for you to visualize.

Remarketing is the type of advertising of GDN. Accordingly, the audience that this ad is targeting is people who have visited the web but have not yet converted. Through dynamic image advertising, this ad will follow the user to other websites, until a purchase action from the consumer is achieved.

2. When should you run retargeting ads?

Although very effective, but if marketers do not know when to run remarketing, it will also “fail the rice”.

Quang Cao Bam Duoi La Gi Thong Tin Ve Quang Cao Nay 1When should you run tail ads?

Specifically, some marketers today have continuously implemented this form of running ads, but found it not really effective as expected. Therefore, no matter how you run ads, if you don’t know how to use it, it doesn’t make sense.

Advice for you: Choose retargeting with a more personalized, approachable approach. To do this, you need to clearly define the criteria for launching the campaign. For example, you may find that customers regularly visit certain websites, including the business owner’s website. You should just go after these people.

They are potential customers who have been interested in your products and services. Plus, the first thing to do is set a per-person impression limit. This helps ads become friendly, not annoying, avoid backfire.

3. What are the benefits of this type of advertising?

In terms of benefits, the first thing that can be mentioned is the high efficiency of sales. You get great benefits when using this model

  • Affirm your brand name to buyers by seeing your ads on big websites such as tuoitre, vnexpress, ngoisao.net….
  • Give them a small reminder and help them make an earlier actionable decision about purchasing a sample of your product
  • Spending budgets are significantly reduced because the consumers you reach are people who have taken care of your product type.
  • Increase sales and retain buyers

4. How high is the cost?

  • Regarding the budget, you can rest assured because our prices are always competitive for the benefit of the buyer
  • Ad consultation for the best performance

5. Common types of retargeting ads

Remarketing is divided into a number of smaller forms. To help marketers better understand, please refer.

Quang Cao Bam Duoi La Gi Thong Tin Ve Quang Cao Nay 2Common types of remarketing

  • Standard remarketing: Standard remarketing reaches potential customers who have visited the page but have not yet converted by displaying ads on Google partner sites they subsequently visit. This form also includes people searching for keywords related to your product/service.
  • Dynamic remarketing: Dynamic remarketing  applies to people who have already viewed your product on your website. Marketers can be flexible in giving discount vouchers for this item, for example, …
  • Customer list remarketing:  List of remarketing customers
  • Video remarketing: Video remarketing  , using video to chase people who have seen your videos, or people who have visited your website.
  • Email Remarketing:  Apply to people who open email messages sent from you.

6. What should I pay attention to when running ads to increase efficiency?

With Google constantly changing, marketers need to quickly grasp those to launch the most effective ads.

6.1 Use banners containing vivid images that make a strong impression on users

The most important element of an ad is how to get potential customers to pay attention among many other ads. Therefore, do not use simple, boring images, but invest in the most thoughtful image.

6.2 Using AMPHTML

AMP HTML is a technology that is only used for websites on mobile devices. In particular, AMP with the use of speeding up the mobile web. When the user clicks on the link, it will almost immediately display that website.

Quite a few people are already using AMPHTML animation ads for display ads. It can be said that this is a fairly new way, with impressive results. With this type, ads appear only after confirmation, avoiding malware from entering the device. Advantages: this type of ads will appear anywhere on the web, not limited to AMP pages.

6.3 Celestial time, geographical advantage, human harmony:

One point not to be missed is timing. For each customer object, there will be a different operating time frame. Therefore, retargeting advertisers need to catch up to reach as many potential customers as possible.

(For example, if you run a food service business (junk food), the ideal time frame for people to need is mid-afternoon or evening. Therefore, you need to launch 1 to 2 hours in advance.)

If you have already reached potential customers, don’t miss the opportunity to sell more. Cross-selling now proves quite useful, when making users pay more to buy more products from you.

6.4 Provide urgency and call to action

Impressive urgency helps motivate customers to buy, with less hesitation. With this approach, marketers need to emphasize two points: quantity and time. It is that urgency that will make customers psychologically stimulated.

Some words you can refer to such as: The last minutes/hours/day to enjoy the offer has 1-0-2, the offer is about to end, the quantity is limited, order now,… In addition, people Running ads can apply discount codes, vouchers to stimulate customers to shop. They will definitely choose a product with a more attractive, competitive price.

Regardless of the form of advertising, it is indispensable for a CTA, a call-to-action button. This is the part where you need to decide what the customer after reading the ad will need to do to reach the end goal.

6.5 Customer classification

As we all know, each consumer segment is different. Therefore, in order to reach optimally, marketers need to break down their customers based on factors such as age, gender, etc.

Quang Cao Bam Duoi La Gi Thong Tin Ve Quang Cao Nay 3Customer classification

Then, for each sub-segment, you will proceed to launch the campaign according to many individual messages that are most relevant. For example, discounts, vouchers, gifts, etc.

6.6 Combination of launching on different platforms

Besides Google, social media giants like facebook and Instagram are also gold mines not to be missed. With millions of users, if you ignore these two largest social networks in the world, it will certainly be quite regretful. Therefore, combined with Google Target, potential customers whether surfing the web, reading newspapers, watching movies, or chatting with friends on social media can still see your remarketing ads.

This is quite simple, you have just read an article on Zing about fashion and beauty. This ad will follow you to Facebook. Above is an example of dynamic remarketing. Accordingly, when users go to a website to learn about a particular product, they will see it continue to appear on other web platforms. Sometimes you will have to suddenly say “Why does this ad understand me so well?”. But in fact, those are all tricks from marketing experts.

6.7 Measure campaign effectiveness and adjust accordingly

Regardless of the campaign, once it’s launched, you need to regularly monitor retargeting to analyze, show effectiveness, and fix weaknesses. You rely on the parameters provided by Google Ads or Facebook Ads, thereby getting a better overview. Especially when hiring to run Facebook ads. Or hire to run Google outside. You need to know the campaign’s performance metrics so that you don’t lose money to a less-than-reputable hirer.

For small campaigns that don’t bring conversions, get rid of them right away and focus on promoting the part that has a good, high-converting audience. That way, marketers will optimize the running budget and mobilize the budget to push in the right direction.

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