What is PPC? Learn the details and how to use the most standard PPC 2022

What is PPC? PPC is a phrase that often appears in the advertising field. So should you trust and use PPC or not? To get the answer, please continue reading our article below!

1. What is PPC?

PPC (an acronym for Pay Per Click): This is an internet marketing model where advertisers pay a fee each time their ads are clicked. website instead of searching through organic traffic (SEO).

PpcThe concept of PPC

Search engine advertising is considered a common form of PPC. Advertisers will now be allowed to bid on ad placements via search engine sponsored links when a user performs a keyword search related to their business.

For example, when you bid for the keyword phrase “Software”, it means that your ad will be displayed in a high position on the returned search results of google.

Each time the ad is clicked, sending a visitor to the site, you will have to pay google a small fee.

When PPC is effective, this cost is negligible because each traffic to the website is worth more than the money you have to spend. To put it simply, we will have to pay 3 dollars for a click, but each click can help you sell products worth up to 300 dollars, now you will definitely make a huge profit. huge already.

Steps to help build an effective PPC strategy:

  • Step 1: Keyword research.
  • Step 2: Create campaigns and ad groups with keywords
  • Step 3: Perform landing page optimization
  • Step 4: Measure, improve and optimize the campaign

Through targeting, if your ads and landing pages are useful and satisfying the user’s search intent, Google will charge you less for each click, resulting in your profits. will be higher.

So if you want to use PPC, you need to learn how to do it correctly.

2. Why should you use PPC?

For those who do not have knowledge of SEO, or simply do not want to waste time waiting when running a campaign in a short period of time such as selling seasonal products, events, .. .. PPC will allow the website. Yours shows up on all search results super fast.

Ppc La Gi Tim Hieu Chi Tiet Ve Ppc 1Reasons to use PPC

Here allows you to: 

+ Execution of Test Ideas: This is essential to help you understand the needs of users before starting a new business or stuck when a new website is built and no visitors to the page. web.

+ Quickly gather feedback from the market.

+ Evaluate target audience and get test advertising results.

For example: Want to know the power of PPC, you can use Google AdWords to provide free products and services and then post them on the website. If no one is interested, or there aren’t enough clicks on the ad, it means:

  • Your landing page does not have the purpose of selling products / services or the product is not attractive enough for customers.
  • You market to people who are not interested in that product/service. It is simpler that these products often go to the market or go to the supermarket to buy, rather than searching online.
  • The market is not ready to accept your product
  • Your ad bid is not high enough to achieve a high position in the campaign
  • Your product marketing is going in the wrong direction

Many people, when opening an account running PPC  like Google Adwords, often wonder how to spend a budget to be able to run the campaign from the beginning. And even running a small amount of money, businesses often ignore feedback from established search engines.

You need to build yourself a simple and serious mindset that it is better to spend 1 million to test than to spend more than three months to find out that you need to change the whole Online marketing campaign. Time is extremely important and necessary for the campaign.

If you spend money to run ads on target keywords, your website will have a high chance of success because it will receive a large amount of traffic quickly. However, in any business on the Internet, leveraging and measuring customer feedback will also help you improve campaign effectiveness.

When you invest a lot of money in advertising, you will quickly see the effectiveness of the channels that  ppc  brings. Over a period of time, you can regroup ads by bid price, and then reduce the bid price. Ineffective ad groups or keywords will be disabled, and effective groups will continue to show.

3. Should PPC be trusted?

Here are some of the big names in PPC:

Ppc La Gi Tim Hieu Chi Tiet Ve Ppc 2Is PPC really trustworthy?

  • Google AdWords: Widely distributed on Google search, AOL, Ask, Earthlink, and other high-traffic sites
  • Yahoo Search Marketing : Has a network relationship with many major partners such as Yahoo, InfoSpace, AltaVista, AllTheWeb, and many others.
  • Microsoft adCenter (Bing) : It is a new factor appearing in the market in recent years, but the information network is often limited. This means that the amount of traffic is not high. Microsoft adCenter : Not yet available in Vietnam market.

If you choose to pay per click advertising, you should focus on Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Microsoft adCenter. And today advertising on Facebook is also quite developed.

It can be seen that PPC is the type you should use in the current digital age to promote the revenue received through selling products and services.

4. Conclusion

Above is the whole thing about PPC that we want to share. Good luck!

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