What is omnichannel? Details about Omnichannel

The Industrial Revolution has really changed our lives, especially since the Internet. Consumer behavior is also gradually adapting. From there, businesses take advantage of innovations to better meet customer needs. Not only buying and selling on a certain platform, businesses will create multi-channel links so customers can buy goods anywhere. And the Omnichannel omnichannel sales model was born. So what is Omnichannel ? What is the role of Omnichannel in the business?

All questions related to the Omnichannel omnichannel sales model will be answered in detail shortly below.

1. What is Omnichannel?

Omnichannel is known as an omnichannel sales model, with a business method that allows customers to experience shopping on many different platforms. Customers can shop for a product online through Internet-connected devices such as computers, mobile phones, or buy goods directly at the store.

Broadly understood, Omnichannel includes:

  • Multi-channel sales.
  • Multipoint marketing.
  • Centralized management.

Omnichannel La Gi Thong Tin Chi Tiet Ban Can BietThe concept of Omnichannel

1.1 Omnichannel sales

The products you sell need to appear synchronously on the sales channels you have, or those that reach multiple customers optimally and are managed under one system. It can include traditional channels such as stores, points of sale or digital channels such as websites, e-commerce platforms, social networks, etc.

1.2 Multipoint marketing

The more channels your products and brand appear on, the better. That helps increase customer reach. If the company’s marketing expenses are large, multi-point marketing will be easier. Otherwise, businesses need to analyze target customers, identify effective channels to build an Omnichannel model.

1.3 Centralized management

With countless sales channels and hundreds of different products sold by businesses, product information is easy to be different between channels. So you have to unify the information so that customers can trust and experience it more smoothly, without getting stuck when there are too many different prices, quality, images, etc. for a product they want to buy.

2. The role of Omnichannel for businesses

It sounds like Omnichannel is quite complicated, right? Therefore, businesses will often hire a 3rd party or have a department dedicated to managing this omnichannel sales system. So what are the benefits of Omnichannel that businesses should apply?

Omnichannel La Gi Thong Tin Chi Tiet Ban Can Biet 1The role of Omnichannel for businesses

2.1 Effective data management

The old sales management methods have gradually revealed disadvantages such as: missed orders, wrong goods delivered, wrong information, mismatched total revenue, etc. The reason is that the buying behavior of customers has changed. , they move to online shopping and more channels. Since then, the amount of information about product codes, orders, needs arising from customers that need to be handled properly, etc. is very large. Therefore, Omnichannel has helped businesses solve those difficulties and synchronize data more completely.

2.2 Use data to quickly reach customers

Digital marketing trend has been developing very strongly. In addition to the data we collect from the direct store, businesses can use data such as customer phone numbers, emails to conduct email marketing, telesales, etc. We can completely use the data. data to convey product and brand content that are closely related to customer insight.

2.3 Customer segmentation and target customer selection

We cannot use one product to satisfy everyone’s needs. Segmenting customers will make it easier for you to identify your target customers and provide a clearer approach. From there, the information that customers really care about will be given to the effective sales process.

2.4 Use a remarketing strategy

Once the customer has put the product in the cart without paying immediately, don’t let it go into oblivion. Reach them with reminders, recalling needs such as sending notifications, texting, etc.

If a customer has made a purchase, continue to introduce them to other products that accompany, supplement, etc. These actions will help personalize customer needs and promote the benefits of the model. Omnichannel.

2.5 Enhance the link between channels and devices

Customers can use multiple devices in a single purchase process. Make sure your sales channels work on multiple devices and make sure the purchase process is completed smoothly. When a customer adds a product to the cart on a laptop, the cart remains in stock when they continue to add an item from a smartphone. And of course, the payment process must also take place on any device.

3. Conclusion

Hopefully, the above basic information about what Omnichannel is has helped you to have a more general understanding of the omnichannel sales model. To achieve maximum revenue for your business, you need to learn more business knowledge and build a complete Omnichannel.

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