What is Marketing Tool? Learn more about Marketing Tool

Marketing Tool is a tool to help the sales process become more efficient, bringing in greater revenue. Depending on the purpose of use for you to choose the most suitable tools such as: live sales, automatic posting, raising nick in bulk…

Marketing your business is essentially mastering the art of getting people ready to buy your services. The more people know about your product, the more sales you have. But what are the best marketing tools you can use? Find out with us below!

1. What is a marketing tool?

Marketing tool is a tool to help the sales process become more effective and bring more revenue. Depending on the purpose of use for you to choose the most suitable tools such as: livestream sales, automatic posting, raising nick in bulk…

Marketing Tool Marketing ToolConcept of Marketing Tool

In the field of online marketing, marketing tools are an essential solution to boost sales performance. With customer analysis tools, increase seeding interaction, close orders automatically. Thus, your sales and customer care becomes easier and more professional.

  • Marketing tools will help the working process become more efficient, increase the order rate as well as save maximum time and costs for businesses.

  • When using marketing tools to complete tasks better and faster.

  • Marketing tools help us to work faster in a certain amount of time.

  • Assist in finding customers and analyzing potential customers effectively.

  • Every job becomes more perfect when using marketing tools

Most marketing tools develop and support the work, improve sales performance quickly. Therefore, you need to consider and choose carefully so that the tool is suitable for your product.

2. Types of Effective Marketing Tools

2.1 App to measure user data

In fact, in any industry, a suitable market research software is needed. As can be seen, a market research app supports the company in each segment. Covers from the beginning of the product promotion period to the closing and post-launch phase.

The healthcare industry is no exception. With user data analysis software, pharmaceutical companies/enterprises can refer to completely new trends. User behavior and unlimited business opportunities. Thereby helping the company better understand the current market trend. Capturing the same industry competitor is like buying drug habits as well as demographics.


SurveyMonkey is one of the leading market research marketing tools. A place where users can conduct market surveys and research. Users can also research and measure the immediate results of the market. Measure brand awareness and potentially better understanding of the product in the future. It is also a useful market research tool. Used to compare strategies with competitors and clearly understand the effective market segment.

Survey Gizmo

SurveyGizmo is survey software. Targets are companies for companies/companies to effectively refer to the market. With the help of segmentation and selection of software. The user has the ability to easily make the product more successful in the market. Exclusive forecasting of the market trend feature will help businesses stay ahead of their industry peers. Thereby, users have the ability to easily receive and comment positive and negative feedback about goods.

Marketing Tool Marketing Tool 1Surveygizmo

2.2 Application to scan User ID (UID), mail, phone number, make friends

Have you ever wondered why, one fine day, suddenly a phone number calls you and sells courses, real estate services, insurance or banking?

The key here is that your phone number has been exposed by the Marketing Tool. Remember if you used your phone number to sign up for social accounts… Marketers will have tools like software to get phone numbers on Facebook pages. In order to serve to reach buyers. These phone numbers can be given to telesales friends to call to ask you to buy products. Or easier, they will use your UID to put you in the list that Adwords displays.

Simple UID has the following features:

  • Can scan a user’s Full ID from email, gender, friends list, work group, phone number…
  • The software can also scan all group members, including closed or secret groups, regardless of the number of members.
  • In particular, Simple UID can be collected and exchanged on profiles, fanpages or groups in which users participate. The result when using the software to collect email addresses from the Facebook Simple UID page is the entire list of comments, likes, and shares of that user.
  • You can optionally filter by the number of posts, the time period to achieve the desired results.
  • Simple UID also helps in community building with the ability to automatically kick non-interactive members.
  • In addition, the software can also scan email account registration Facebook page.

2.3 App to manage updates on social networks

If you work in digital marketing/social media, you’ve probably heard of Buffer and Hootsuite.


This is a Social Management Marketing Tool. It allows you to manage your social media channels. You can also use it to delegate tasks to other users. With just one platform, users can perform simple tasks. From managing content and scheduling posts to managing team members and calculating ROI (return on investment).

Hootsuite collects social data of its users, which can be customized by network, keywords or specific social searches. Hootsuite supports twitter, Facebook, page and group profiles. Profiles linkedIn, wordPress, instagram, youTube.. Most recently focused on adding the first video support to the Facebook page, social networks instagram, twitter, and youTube.

Marketing Tool Buffer

Marketing Tool La Gi Tim Hieu Chi Tiet Ve Marketing Tool 2Marketing Tool Buffer

Like Hootsuite, Buffer is a content production platform. Allows you to publish and schedule information on social networks. By providing a means for users to schedule posts on social networks. Like twitter, Facebook page, instagram channel, instagram stories, pinterest and linkedIn. Just like analyzing the results and engaging with their community. Buffer software is compatible with three different platforms:

  • Browser: allows work software as a downloaded extension for three web browsers, Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Mobile: allows to install apps on iOS systems and Android phones.
  • Newsreader: allows the software to be integrated with different newsreader apps, like Flipboard and Zite.

2.4 Tracking measurement application

Google Analytics

Before there was no google tag manager, website tracking was based on Google Analytics (GA). However, if there are many websites, many codes will lead to decentralized management and easy confusion. Now, when you have the GTM tool, you will copy the ID-GA and paste it into GTM for management. One of the most accurate and popular measurement methods today is Google Analytics. With the ability to capture the entire work of users on the Website and bring quite detailed reports.

GA has 3 levels of settings:

  • Account: the level of setting up the total account for management (parent level)
  • Property: child level allows setting tracking IDs for each Website clearly
  • Views: the level allows you to set the view ID of each landing page you want to combine with Google Sheet

Marketing Tool Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is an innovative business platform that confidently allows users to understand clearly. Monitor and improve metrics and other matters essential to their company’s success. With such information turned into useful insights.

Kissmetrics has what it takes to help you. Create marketing plans and perfect marketing methods. But due to advanced customer tracking and analytics capabilities. You can also use it as your advanced conversion rate improvement and modifier. Not what you would expect from a tool that combines similar functions. Kissmetrics pricing is quite flexible. Potential exposure even to startups and small businesses.

GTM (Google Tag Management)

Is a Google tool that helps marketers have the ability to manage the overall tracking code. But why use GTM?

The explanation is that this tool allows us to operate, deploy and monitor and optimize faster. Helping operators decide on tracking or analytics, avoiding staff arbitrarily attaching code to get campaign data.

3. Conclusion

Above is all the information about Marketing Tool that we want to share. Good luck!

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