What is Local SEO? Get an overview of Local SEO 2022

In the process of building and developing your business website, you must have heard of Local SEO. This is a web SEO strategy in the overall marketing strategy to help your business reach more widely to target customers in a certain geographical area. If you are intending to dig deeper into this concept, please follow our following article to see  what is Local SEO?

1. What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the process of optimizing a website based on keywords related to a specific locality or region. The purpose is to increase the visibility of the brand on the Internet when users search for information about that locality. At the same time, it gives businesses the opportunity to reach more target customers when planning to target a certain geographical area.

Local Seo La Gi Tim Hieu Ve Local SeoThe concept of Local SEO

Local SEO or local SEO is a tool to bring a website to the top of search results for keywords with a formula such as “products, services + at/at + geographical area”. For example: “Luc Ngan lychee”, “soft skills training offline course in Ho Chi Minh City”,…

When users enter keywords related to the location, Google will combine with the  Google Maps tool  and display businesses that offer related products/services in the searched area. In particular, the businesses with the most positive reviews will be pushed first by Google on the results page.

Google uses customer reviews and will use these reviews to rank businesses. In case the business shows signs of reputation decline, negative news related to the business owner or critical posts appear in the press, etc., Google will update such news and lower the ranking. business immediately.

2. Role of Local SEO

To implement the overall marketing plan, the benefits that Local SEO brings to businesses are not small. Here are some of the local SEO roles you need to embrace:

Local Seo La Gi Tim Hieu Ve Local Seo 1Role of Local SEO

2.1 Local SEO helps increase the ranking of your website on Google

When performing Local SEO, your website will show clearer and more useful information to users. Thereby, it is also highly appreciated by Google and increases its ranking. Not only increasing rankings in Google Search but also on Google Maps because it is tied to the geographical area.

2.2 Local SEO helps increase conversion rates

Your website will focus on advertising in one area. As a result, businesses also increase the number of leads to reach potential customers and increase the conversion rate, causing them to close more orders.

2.3 Local SEO helps increase business brand awareness

Local SEO helps optimize websites associated with a geographical area. Thanks to that, people in the area or those looking for information about that geographical area will know better and identify the business’s brand more deeply and impressively.

2.4 Local SEO helps increase investment efficiency

Thanks to the high conversion rate, Local SEO will support businesses to invest effectively. It does not need to be too wasteful to cover the entire market while the number of potential customers is concentrated in a certain geographical area. Moreover, according to the analysis data, it can be seen that the search keywords associated with the geographical area will have a higher probability of closing than the general keyword.

3. Prepare to carry out Local SEO

In order to successfully implement Local SEO, we will suggest you to prepare the following tasks:

Local Seo La Gi Tim Hieu Ve Local Seo 2Luggage to implement Local SEO

  • Optimize brand image, of which the most important is logo optimization. You need to edit the image file name that contains the keyword you want to optimize, that is, it must contain the keyword location next to the product/service with the same brand name.
  • Put keywords in the article title, description and link address. You even need to put the keyword containing the location in the URL bar so that Google can understand which geographic area your website is providing products and services.
  • Provide the address and contact information (company name, phone number, email, facebook fanpage, …) of the business on the website to create a premise for more effective local SEO. It is recommended that you use the area code for the contact phone number to make it easier for Google to evaluate.
  • Install Google Maps directions and Google Business application for business website.
  • Adopts Schema structured data to provide information about the business that makes it easier for Google to understand. You can use Yoast SEO plugin, Local SEO plugin, etc.
  • Register business information on search engines other than Google such as Yahoo, Bing, Coc Coc, … and on social networking sites such as Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, …
  • Respond to customer reviews about your website even if it’s a bad review about your business. Please respond actively to show consideration for customers as well as help Google see your website as a quality website.
  • Write PR articles for businesses to improve their reputation and prestige in the media and adjacent websites.
  • Building a website that is compatible with all devices makes it easier for users to access your business anywhere and anytime.

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