What is Google Shopping Ads? Advantages and disadvantages of using

Google shopping ads are an advertising optionAds that allows businesses to list their products for sale, as well as promote them on the Google platform. They work with text ads and product listing ads to help you find leads and make sales.

Advertisers are now more aware of the different forms and types of advertising on Google, such as search ads, social media ads, display ads, and more. The ad formats vary widely, which is an advantage for advertisers.

1. What is Google shopping advertising?

With so many products for sale on the internet, it can be hard to know what to buy. Google Shopping can make this process easier by helping customers discover products that match their needs. With just a few clicks, users can compare prices and reviews from different websites and stores.

Google Shopping is Google’s online advertising service. It allows advertisers to buy direct access to millions of users interested in specific products, through images, messages, etc.

What Is Google Shopping

2. Where google shopping ads appear

Google Shopping Ads is an essential tool for online retailers to secure their revenue through recent mobile commerce trends. The number of people buying goods, from electronics to clothing, through online channels has increased rapidly in recent years. Both contributing to its success are the following two effective positions :

  • Google shopping ads appear on the first page of search: Google shopping ads will appear at the top of the search results page when customers search for a certain product. The ad will be in the form of a horizontal slider and will include 25 results.

Where Google Shopping Ads Appear

  • Google shopping ads are on the left when searching: Ads are on the right of the Google search page, customers want to find a certain product in the form of a vertical slider. The vertical slider is 9 results.

3. How can I use Google shopping ads?

To be able to advertise Google shopping, you need to know about Google’s policies:

  • This content is strictly prohibited: You may not use it in your advertisements or links. These rules have been established by Google and we would appreciate it if you followed them .
  • Prohibited acts: Abuse of advertising, collection, or use of data for malicious purposes, etc.
  • Restricted behavior appears: The content you need to pay attention to when advertising Google shopping such as adult content, addictive substances, etc.

In addition, you also need to know the following things when advertising Google shopping:

  • Priority is given if the website is an electronic web that can be mentioned as WP, Haravan, etc.
  • The website has about 50 products.
  • Traffic in Cookies/Month over or equal to 3000.
  • Essential elements such as policies, prices and content must be on the website.

How Can I Use Google Shopping Ads?

Top benefits of Google shopping ads that you must know:

  • Google Shopping is the most successful shopping search engine in the world. Its algorithm works like a human. When you use Google Shopping, it delivers relevant ads that match your browsing habits and can boost your search results by 2x compared to traditional PPC ads.
  • Being known in recent years, the competitiveness is still low.
  • With low average CPC rates, advertisers no longer benefit from marketing their products and services online. Marketers can reduce the number of ads they are running to save their budget, or they can change their strategy to focus on strategies that drive higher return on ad spend, such as content marketing . But Google Shopping is an effective advertising cost-saving strategy .
  • Mobile devices have become a necessity in the modern world. Google shopping ads are designed to be easily viewed on these devices because people are more likely to visit them on these devices.
  • Google Shopping is a popular shopping comparison service. It is the largest consumer search engine in the world and provides advertisers with an easy way to track product prices across multiple online retailers.
  • Google Shopping is one of the leading search engines and has a large user base. The company tries to improve its ranking by giving the best images and details for all products.
  • Display the right product for the user’s purpose, optimize the click strategy.
  • Increase visits, more than other types of campaigns.
  • Most customers have great potential.
  • Campaigns or retail things are managed effectively .
  • The scale appears large.

4. Disadvantage when advertising Google shopping

  • Many stages and difficulties in implementation.
  • When creating Product Feeds, the waiting time for approval is quite long.
  • Requires diverse and rich product categories to advertise on Google shopping.
  • Difficult to run and also more difficult with the desire to stop advertising.

Google Shopping Ads is a marketplace where businesses can advertise, sell products, and list stock for sale. It allows you to add different products and services to your cart during checkout. So this is an advantage that you need to take advantage of right now.

If you have difficulty using Google shopping ads, please contact Lokas immediately for support and you can also choose to use our advertising service .

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