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What is Facebook Edgerank? Learn more about Facebook Edgerank

In fact, Edgerank is an algorithm of Facebook. This is an indispensable factor that marketers must know to build an effective Facebook Marketing strategy. However, not everyone understands what  Facebook Edgerank is? Let’s find the answer through the following article!

1. What is Facebook Edgerank?

Edgerank is the algorithm Facebook uses to decide what content to show in a user’s newsfeed (Newsfeed). Every day, billions of information is updated on Facebook and the message board will be the place to restore order to that information.

Facebook Edgerank LazyThe concept of Facebook Edgerank

That is, it will decide what content is important to you and which links appear more than others. If you want to do effective marketing on Facebook, the first thing you need to do is to have a clear understanding of how this algorithm works. So what are the key factors of Facebook Edgerank?

2. Key factors of Facebook Edgerank

Facebook Edgerank is not complicated but also not simple, Facebook Edgerank is composed of the following elements:

Facebook Edgerank La Gi 1Key elements of Facebook Edgerank

2.1 Affinity Score

Affinity Score is known to represent the number of interactions between the account holder and the user. When you have interacted like commenting or clicking on another user’s post, Edgerank defaults to you being interested in that object. Edgerank will show this content on priority feed more.

2.2 Edge Weight

Edge Weight shows the priority of each different hand. The articles on facebook are diverse, and Edge Weight will classify and arrange according to the system of each type of post, each separate hierarchy.

Specifically, like video posts, images will be prioritized, then links and text. Edge Weight will update in order and level of interaction with the user. And posts with higher engagement will show up first and more often.

2.3 Time Decay

Time Decay is the age of the post. That is, old articles that are not updated will hardly appear on user message boards. And you will often see articles that are updating more recently than those posted long ago.

In addition, the updated facebook algorithm will appear frequently interacting posts on a certain page or account.

3. How to increase Edgerank on facebook

There are many businesses that are using Edgerank as a tool to promote products and brands. However, in reality, Facebook is simply a social network, used to share, connect and receive information.

Facebook Edgerank La Gi 2How to increase Edgerank on Facebook

Therefore, to be able to perfect facebook marketing campaigns, you need to improve relationships with customers and provide core values. At the same time, the following factors must be ensured to increase the index regularly and steadily:

3.1 Regularly post

Posting new content regularly is a way for articles to reach users more easily. This ensures that your articles will show up in the newsfeed more often.

3.2 Posting content with images

According to Facebook’s algorithm, posts with images always have a higher order of appearance. Therefore, besides focusing on content development, you should also be careful in terms of images. Because, it will help the article to be displayed better, receive a higher amount of interaction than the raw article.

3.3 Create the opportunity to receive interaction

You need to focus on strategies, how to create interactive opportunities like creating games to attract buyers. Games, minigames, etc. will give you a lot of opportunities to interact with potential customers and potential users by large shares.

3.4 Strict content management

You need to optimize content, optimize content carefully in all elements from videos, images to words. A well-thought-out content is sure to get the attention of readers. And of course, the higher the number of interactions, the better the customer base.

3.5 Focus on quality over quantity

Facebook is known as an interactive social network. When you focus on developing unique, strange, and user-centric content, surely the use of quality content articles will have a greater impact than superficial articles, just to satisfy your needs. amount.

4. Conclusion

Above is everything about Facebook Edgerank that we want to share. Good luck!

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