What is Facebook Ads Manager? How to set up and manage?

Facebook Ads Manager is tool for creating and managing Facebook ads. You can view, change and observe the results of all your campaigns, ad groups and ads on Facebook.

What is Facebook Ads Manager used for?

With Facebook Ads Manager, you can:

  • Create an ad campaign: With Facebook Ads Manager, you can use the ad creation tool to design your ads in a step-by-step process. When creating your ad, choose your marketing objective, who you want to reach, where to show your ad, and an ad format.
  • Manage multiple ads at once:  In Facebook Ads Manager, you can edit settings like audience, budget, and placement across multiple ads, and duplicate ads by creating a copy of your ad. star.
  • View ad performance: View the latest data on ad performance and schedule reports. You can view the results at the account level to get an overview of the performance of all your campaigns, apply breakdowns to see the metrics you’re interested in, and create or schedule advertising reports. fox.


How to set up facebook ads manager quickly:

To manage the facebook ad manager effectively, you must first understand and understand the setup principles. There are two ways to set it up: personal facebook ad manager and BM (for business). To set up the facebook ad manager, go to the following link to create:

  • Personal:
  • BM (business):

After accessing the link, follow each step in the ad manager to complete the setup!


Analyze the performance of Ads

Facebook Ads Manager helps you in-depth management of each of your campaigns, ad sets or ads, giving you more insights

– Insights graph: gives you an overview of performance, demographics and location.

Summary: Facebook provides a summary of your ad, such as goals, delivery, today’s spend, and total schedule. Furthermore, there are options to enable or disable the ad, create a similar ad, edit the ad, or delete the ad.

– Report panel: similar to the one on the main dashboard. The difference here is that it doesn’t show all your ads on Facebook.


Important metrics in facebook ads manager:

There are many parameters in this section, but you should carefully understand and understand the following key parameters:

Result:  This is just the number of conversions or goal completions.

Cost per result: This is how much you spend to get new leads, new customers, etc. If your goal here is conversions, then this will be the cost per result. convert.

Click-through rate:  This is the number of link clicks divided by the number of impressions. If the CTR in your ad is less than 1%, it means your ad is not attractive or the target is not good.

Ad Frequency:  This shows the number of ad impressions divided by reach – or the number of times on average 1 person saw your ad.

Quality Rating:  This is the score given to you by Facebook. It shows how relevant your ad is to your target audience.

The above is an overview of Facebook Ads Manager, if you use this tool fluently in combination with fully understanding Facebook’s policies, you can easily control Facebook Ads campaigns, to thereby achieving the results you want.

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