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What is Digital Marketing 2022? Benefits of Digital Marketing

Technology has strongly influenced consumer habits and behaviors, driving the growth of Digital Marketing . This new field attracts the attention of a large number of young people, and at the same time, there is a shortage of well-trained human resources. If you are also learning about Digital Marketing, do not ignore this article, we will provide general information and knowledge from Digital Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

The development trend of technology has made Digital Marketing an indispensable part for most businesses. However, when learning about definitions and concepts related to this field, there are many results returned with many different opinions and concepts, making it difficult for us to recognize and approach these concepts. most accurate and relevant information. In this article, we will introduce to you some views and concepts about Digital Marketing from famous experts and scholars in the world about Marketing.

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In general, what is Digital Marketing, can be understood as marketing activities and information exchange, brand promotion through Internet and digital platforms, including 4 main types of Media as follows:

1. Owned Media

Owned Media are channels that are owned by businesses or brands, which often include websites, microsites or blogs, etc. Owned Media includes platforms that can be actively controlled, long-lived, and flexible. edit, reach each customer. Along with that, implementing Digital Marketing on Owned Media is also more cost-effective than other forms of Media.

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What is SEO Marketing? Benefits SEO Marketing brings to businesses 28

However, the construction, development and digital marketing activities at these channels are relatively time-consuming to reach the public, besides, the owned media is not reliable.

2. Paid Media

Paid Media is a form of paid media, in simple terms, brands and businesses pay for these channels to carry out on-demand advertising. For example, Paid Media channels can be mentioned such as display ads, social ads, search display ads, KOLs, retargeting, etc. Paid Media can proactively implement on demand to serve Digital Marketing campaign goals. enterprise, ready to deploy immediately and with wide coverage. In particular, paid media allows tracking metrics, results and return reports to help Marketers easily control the effectiveness of the campaign.

3. Earned Media

Viral Media or Earned Media is one of the Media forms of Digital Marketing, when the target audience and customers spread information and self-communication about the brand. Using Earned Media builds trust for brands and businesses, has transparency, plays an important role in promoting customer buying behavior. However, Earned Media is difficult to control because it is difficult to measure and may include negative information about the business.

4. Social Media

Social media is one of the important elements of Online Marketing, understood, this is the brand’s interactive activities with the target public, customers through third-party Social platforms. For example: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Forum, Twitter, etc. Social Media channels play an important role because it is flexible, capable of understanding customer needs, bringing cost-effectiveness and goals. of Digital Marketing campaign. In particular, using Social Media helps to personalize, bring the image of brands and businesses closer, connect and build relationships and trust with the public and target customers.

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Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has been considered a strength of many businesses, accounting for a “not small” budget, it can be seen that, along with the development of the market and technology, Digital Marketing has brought a lot of benefits. beneficial for businesses. The presence of the field of Digital Marketing does not make traditional Marketing disappear, it complements, overcomes limitations, takes advantage of the constant changes of the market. The advantages and outstanding benefits of Digital Marketing can be mentioned as:

1. Convenience

Google in this day and age is considered as the “guideline” for almost every consumer action, along with that, Digital Marketing becomes the “key” to help businesses find, reach out to customers and create turnover. One of the first benefits of Digital Marketing is convenience, businesses can operate without bothering about time and space. Customers can search, order, view reviews, and discuss products very easily.

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What is SEO Marketing? Benefits of SEO Marketing for businesses 30

2. Cost saving

If popular traditional marketing tools such as events, radio, television, mail, etc. account for a large budget, the cost of digital marketing campaigns is much lower. Businesses can start implementing online advertising without worrying much about the initial budget. In particular, enterprises themselves have the right to decide on activities such as approach, specific costs for each campaign, implementation time, etc., in accordance with the set goals. Every search engine and social media platform allows any business to bid flexibly, so they can control their advertising budget.

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For example, businesses running Google Ads can pay Google less than expected costs if they know how to choose the right bids and, importantly, control, monitor and fine-tune their advertising tools. Not only that, businesses can also attract and find customers from many different channels such as free viral information sources, SEO (website building and search engine optimization), creating booths on e-commerce platforms,…

3. Continue faster

Deploying Digital Marketing campaigns allows businesses to connect and reach out to customers on a large scale. From a marketing campaign, the target customer can be seen from anywhere in the world, not limited by geographical location, which means that the business can sell to anywhere, even if it is not. have a direct store there. This comes from the application of Big data, the extremely large amount of user data such as audio, text, images, customer profiles collected by online advertising platforms (Facebook, Google, etc.) ,…).

Through all activities, “traces” that users leave when using the Internet, such as Cookies, access history, IP, behavior, used devices, declared information,… Your advertising information reaches the right target audience who are interested in the product. In addition, Digital Marketing helps the information on the website, email or social network channels of the business to be transmitted quickly.

4. Easy to control and measure

Measuring the effectiveness of traditional Marketing is relatively difficult, however, this is effectively overcome in Digital Marketing. With digital tools for analysis and reporting, businesses can control and measure the results and evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns easily and proactively. Businesses can measure relatively accurately the level of interest of a potential customer group with a certain advertisement, or know the number of people searching and accessing your website with specific keywords. Thanks to that, businesses can flexibly customize Digital Marketing campaigns to suit their budget and specific goals. Measuring business performance, calculating costs, revenue,

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5. Build relationships with customers

Through the Internet environment, it is easier than ever to exchange and chat with customers and businesses. Therefore, businesses can absorb and collect customers’ opinions through the process of interacting with them, thereby becoming understanding and making adjustments to products, services as well as activities. Digital Marketing to suit, best meet the wishes of customers.

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The benefits of building relationships with customers that Digital Marketing brings also help to accurately identify the target customer group, focus on advertising on many channels, with high frequency and low cost. Through the interaction of customers on Digital Marketing channels, businesses can also evaluate and classify their capabilities, their level of intimacy, and assist in making marketing decisions and plans later.

6. Choose potential customers

One of the prerequisites of any marketing campaign is to target the correct target group, which is important and not easy. For Digital Marketing, businesses can target audiences to advertise, based on existing data about customers, user information systems, etc., from which businesses can transmit information to the right customer group.

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