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What is Demographics? Why Marketing Needs Demographics?

It is a concept that is not too new, but many people do not know that Demographic is the factor that governs, decides or controls whether marketing strategies are successful or not. In other words, it is one of the factors that determine your business. So  what is Demographic ? Why marketing needs Demographic? We will clarify everything below.

1. What is Demographic?

Demographic, also known as demography, is derived from the ancient Greek word. Separation of meaning, Demo means “people” and Graphic means “describe or measure”. In a word, Demographic is the study of the number of individuals in a species, here is the human population. It is studied for a population that shares similar characteristics in terms of age, interests, income or education level.

Demographic La Gi Vi Why No Quan TrongConcept of Demographics

2. What common types of information are included in the demographic?

In demographic research, the common types of information to be explored include:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Marital status
  • Academic level
  • Income
  • Work
  • Accommodation
  • Interests
  • Life style

Demographic La Gi Vi Sao No Quan Trong 1Popular types of Demographics

All of this information is used by companies, businesses and organizations for the main purpose of clarifying the characteristics of users or finding out their needs for the company’s products and services. want to do business. To get the Demographic marketing we need to analyze the market segment by demographic.

2.1 Demographic on age

Needs in society are clearly divided by age and by time. A student wants a smartphone that supports professional photography. But an office worker wants a phone that can store a lot, edit emails …. At different ages, the wants and needs to use the product are different.

2.2 Demographic on gender

Women about fashion and men about technology, that’s the gender divide. However, there are products of both sexes that share the same needs such as deodorant, clothing … but clearly women are the object of all fields.

2.3 Demographic on income

In order to have the most accurate demographic profiles for products, it is definitely necessary to find out about income demographics. The income segment will identify a group of customers with needs with BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari or popular brands.

2.4 Demographic on Religion, Race, Nationality

That’s why big brands always have messages and localization strategies for each country they enter. Based on religion, their countries will have their own ways and messages to best reach potential customers.

3. Why marketing needs Demographic?

Demographic analysis is said to be of paramount importance in order to help companies and businesses assess potential markets to see which products and services can reach consumers. And to get accurate Demographic data for your own products. So what are the reasons why marketing needs a Demographic?

Demographic La Gi Vi Sao No Quan Trong 2Why Marketing Needs Demographic

3.1 Demographic to best understand potential customers

Potential customers are the data of customers who are highly likely to buy and use the product or service you are providing. Demographic – Demographics help you better understand the interests and problems of your customers and your products and services. From there, make improvements to make products and services the most convenient for customers.

3.2 Demographic will help increase sales

The search for marketing services, standard SEO article writing services … also aims to increase sales from many channels. Meanwhile, Demographic helps you better understand your customers, from understanding you to giving marketing strategies and close products. That’s the best thing to increase sales.

3.3 Reduce marketing costs thanks to Demographic

It is a waste if you implement massive marketing strategies for all audiences, all genders, and all income levels. And now, thanks to Demographics in marketing, you will find a potential audience and hit your ads “better than distilled water” to them and now wait for “money in your pocket”.

3.4 Use Demographic to create your own unique point

A unique selling point, novelty or personality tailored only to the interests of your potential customers thanks to demographic research. That’s how you build your own brand.

3.5 Create new business opportunities with Demographic

Every business strategy will have a hole that Demographic will show you clearly. And also thanks to it you will find new opportunities for yourself.

4. Conclusion

Understanding what Demographic is and applying it to marketing campaigns is not difficult but not easy for beginners. Do not hesitate to reach out to our marketing support service parties for support and implement them in the best way. Good luck!

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