What is CPaaS? Information you need to know about CPaaS 2022

Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) or “communication service” is a cloud-based product model that allows developers to add voice, video, and messaging features to applications. mobile applications, enterprise software by using APIs.

In this article, we will learn what you need to know about CPaaS to apply to your business to expand your communication system.

1. What is CPaaS?

CPaaS (communication service) stands for Communications Platform as a Service, is a cloud communication platform that provides APIs that allow businesses to add real-time communication features (voice, video, chat, SMS) into their own applications, business software.

Cpaas La Gi Nhung Thong Ma Ban Nen Biet Ve CpaasThe concept of CPaaS

CPaaS products are highly customizable. You can fully customize the reporting, look, and user experience (UI/UX) for your app. Instead of purchasing complete solutions with fixed features and interfaces in advance, you can integrate communication channels with the software, and can design and customize to your own business requirements. without having to depend on the supplier.

2. How does CPaaS work?

At its core, CPaaS works thanks to transaction APIs . And an API (application programming interface) is collection of functions that act as intermediaries between two endpoints, such as a device or a software application . APIs allow these endpoints to effectively relate to each other.

Cpaas La Gi Nhung Thong Tin Ma Ban Nen Biet Ve Cpaas 1How CPaaS works

APIs typically rely on the voice over IP (VoIP) network protocol in the backend to get data from one endpoint to another.

Some examples of actions to trigger these impulses are:

  • Dial phone numbers and make calls
  • Send a text message

Therefore, in order to use CPaaS, restaurants must have experienced programmers to apply and know how to customize and use the API. You also need leveraged things or software that own the API endpoints.

CPaaS communication service will help supermarkets meet their communication needs in the cloud by providing:

  • Product Documentation
  • Code samples
  • Code libraries for cross-platform (web and mobile apps)
  • Software Development Kits ( SDKs )
  • Application examples _ _
  • Customer support ( customer support)

By providing a full set of API libraries, code samples, processes, … as well as describing the communication features that businesses need to deploy, CPaaS’s APIs help developers integrate communication features . quickly from only 2 hours, saving many times compared to self-development.

3. CPaaS communication platform main features

Cpaas La Gi Nhung Thong Tin Ma Ban Nen Biet Ve Cpaas 2CPaaS communication platform features

3.1 Calling feature (Call API)

This is an API that provides calling (voice/video) features, including calling out, receiving calls and routing incoming calls, etc. You can use Call API to embed calls in your app/website quickly without the need to study difficult technologies such as (VoIP, video processing), and without the need to maintain a complex, cumbersome VoIP server system.

The CPaaS call connectivity mechanisms provide:

  • Free app-to-app calls over the internet (app-to-app)
  • Call from the app to a regular phone number (app-to-phone)
  • Call from phone number to app (phone-to-app)
  • Calling between 2 phone numbers through number masking
  • Auto call (auto call)

CPaaS also provides a WebRTC-based calling solution. With this technology, you can embed voice and video calling features in the application, and easily integrate features such as: call routing, call recording and recording, encryption, queuing, call control…

3.2 Text messaging (SMS) feature

You can build SMS communication with your business’s brand name (SMS Brandname) into the software to send notifications, alerts, promotions, customer care, etc.

The SMS API also allows you to send group text messages, automate workflows, and view detailed reports on the status of messages such as: whether messages were delivered or opened, number of successful deliveries, …

3.3 Chat feature (live-chat)

Using the Chat API, you can add a chat feature to your app for your customers to chat with each other for free, chat with a customer service representative, or chat with an autoresponder AI right on the website/app itself. your.

Chat API allows users to send images, gifs, links, attachments, Rich text, etc. At the same time, conversation content is stored associated with user accounts, making it easy for them to review and search for information. believe. Businesses can view reports – detailed statistics and chat history.

3.4 Video conferencing features (video conference)

Video Conference API helps you to integrate and build video conferencing, multipoint video calling, group calling. There are also support features such as audio recording, video recording, screen sharing (share screen), …

3.5 Tổng đài Contact Center (Programmable Contact Center API)

CPaaS provides a set of PCC APIs to help businesses customize and build their own switchboards according to their own business. All necessary features of Contact Center are met (calling features, call center features such as: ivr, queue, transfer call, …).

When you build a call center using communication APIs, you have complete control over building your own customer experience exactly how you want it. You will not be limited and dependent on the provider. In addition, you can use APIs to supplement, completely replace, or provide connectivity for your switchboard (contact center).

However, the communication APIs do not have a built-in user interface (UI). You need to design a separate interface for the switchboard for your business.

4. Conclusion

Above is all the information about CPaaS that we want to share with you. Hope the above article will bring you a lot of useful information. Good luck!

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