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What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing Overview

Affiliate Marketing  is a form of increasing income from receiving commissions through the sale of products or services of another unit. This form is not too strange in the world, in the past few years, Affiliate Marketing has begun to be introduced into Vietnam. And there is a lot of positive feedback. This is considered one of the most effective money-making marketing tactics according to many experts. Catching this trend is the key to increasing your income to thousands of figures. But do you understand what Affiliate Marketing is? What Affiliate Marketing Platforms Are There? Let’s learn more about this outstanding form of making money in the article below!

1. What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is understood in the Vietnamese sense as Affiliate Marketing, which is considered one of the effective forms of making money online (MMO) applied by many people. With Affiliate Marketing will include distributors (Publishers) and Suppliers (Advertisers).

Affiliate MarketingAffiliate Marketing

When this business platform is gradually developing and popular in Vietnam, people are also getting used to shopping online, so the form of Affiliate Marketing was soon applied on the e-commerce market in Vietnam. Access Trade, Lazada, Masoffer, Zalora, etc. Although still quite new in the Vietnamese market, in the present and future, Affiliate Marketing is still the most effective method of making money online compared to other methods of making money. other online.

2. Composition in the Affiliate Marketing model

2.1 Supplier (Advertiser/Merchant) includes:

  • Individuals or businesses that are able to provide products and services from all industries such as FMCG, food, time, electronics, etc., and services such as education, beauty, finance, etc. main,…
  • Suppliers must meet the requirements of source of goods and product quality as committed depending on the policy of the distributor.

From the perspective of a product supplier, Affiliate Marketing is like a distribution channel, but it is simple, the working stages are not complicated. Just a pre-designed banner with full product information is enough to promote your products and services. And only when selling new products need to share commissions for distributors.

Affiliate Marketing 1
Components of Affiliate Marketing model

2.2 Distributors (Affiliate/Publisher) include:

  • Organizations and individuals that own websites with large, stable and reputable traffic.
  • Organizations and individuals that are able to run ads have high conversion rates from CPM, CPC to CPA.
  • Organizations and individuals that use MMO and want to make more profits from Affiliate Marketing.

Distributors are people who understand the customer base – the people who visit their website the most, they know when the traffic is high with the ability to convert effectively. Taking advantage of that, they access the platform of the supplier and pull the products and services that are suitable for their customer base to their website. When a customer visits the distributor’s website and clicks on the distributor’s webiste, a purchase action occurs, the distributor will receive a commission.

If one day, you are reading a book review on a certain website, suddenly there are banners advertising Tiki’s books, it is most likely a form of Affiliate Marketing. In which, Tiki acts as the Supplier and the Website you visit is the distributor.

Depending on the policy and conditions in the agreement, the form of payment between the distributor and the supplier will be different (CPS, CPL, …)

2.3 End User includes:

End users who use a supplier’s products or services or take other actions required by the supplier.

2.4 Affiliate Network (Affiliate Network):

As an intermediary platform to help connect distributors and suppliers with each other, help distributors monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of advertising and sales, and also provide a technical platform such as links. advertising, banners, etc. and paying commissions to distributors.

2.5 Affiliate Program

Lfa affiliate marketing system is offered by product suppliers, they can directly manage or hire a partner specializing in providing management software, statistics for affiliate marketing activities.

3. What platforms does Affiliate Marketing have?

There are 3 major Affiliate Marketing platforms that you should consider: Adflex, AccessTrade, and Civi.

Affiliate Marketing 2Affiliate Marketing Platform

3.1 Adflex

Adflex is considered an attractive platform in the Affiliate market. The platform started promoting CPO (Cost Per Order) advertising in recent years. Through the lines of beauty, health, functional foods. For this platform, you will receive a commission per order ranging from 180k – 300k. A not small number for the Vietnamese Affiliate market. In addition, almost Adflex provides a full range of advertising tools, with links of Prelanding Pages with content that is refined to each word. These contents are guaranteed to “hit” the psychology of customers. In addition, the next thing worth considering is the periodic quick commission payment on every Friday. And there is a large staff ready to assist you.

3.2 Citizen

A platform from a Vietnamese company, although not as good as AdFlex, still has quite attractive points. For some very high commission products, usually a single order will range from 35k – 600k. Besides, you are also given a detailed advertising banner, Civi also supports content in the form of Prelanding Page. As for the commission payment, the current month’s commission will be paid at the end of next month. And if you earn more than 5 million, there is a request for fast payment received 1 day after you send a request email to the system.

3.3 Access Trade

This is the oldest foundation in Vietnam. was born in Japan. The highlight of this platform is the diversity of campaigns from many industries. Commissions also vary from industry, 2 industries that bring high commissions are tourism and finance campaigns. Paying commissions on time, as long as you earn over 200k, you will receive a commission. The commission will return on the 15th of every month.

4. Effective Marketing Advantage From Affiliate Marketing Platform

In the world, the form of affiliate marketing has clearly demonstrated its advantages in helping participants earn more income. But what exactly is that? Let’s take a look at the advantages that this form of Marketing has and will bring to participants below!

Work anywhere: you can work anywhere as long as you have internet coverage.
No need to focus on customer care: no need to worry about shipping or handing over products/services to customers
Can start with a relatively low cost: just a few hundred thousand and hard work In no time you can make money with Affiliate Marketing
No need to import goods or services
Can diversify the choice: there are many intermediate Affiliates springing up and it is they who will make Affiliate Marketing popular more than ever to agents, shop owners…
Able to replicate and earn passive income.

Hopefully with the information shared above, you will have more understanding about what is Affiliate Marketing? What Affiliate Marketing platforms are there and how to make money from this popular marketing platform.

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