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What is a virtual PBX service? What are the features of virtual PBX?

Virtual PBX has become a familiar phrase for many businesses. But not everyone clearly understands what is a virtual PBX service ? Its features bring. For the most detailed and specific information about virtual PBX, please refer to the article below.

1. What is a virtual PBX service?

Virtual PBX service is a phone service that uses the internet on an IP network instead of using a phone line pulled from the post office as usual.

2. What are the features of virtual PBX?

+ Report call statistics, manage customer information : Virtual PBX software now allows to record and listen to calls, save call history, and real-time statistics.

IVR features:When you call the switchboard of any business (bank, network operator …), you often hear messages like: “Thank you for calling our company’s switchboard. To look up account information, please press 1. To consult and answer credit card related information, please press 2…”. Then, depending on the interaction of the incoming subscriber, the system will direct the call according to the customer’s wishes. Automated detailed instructions for callers, directing calls to specialist departments to solve customer problems. With the IVR feature, businesses can create their own greeting scripts when customers call, regardless of their needs (meet the operator, transfer the phone directly to the relevant branch, call outside of working hours. , Leave message…).
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+ Voicemail feature: Automatically backup voicemail in case all employees are busy or outside working hours and listen back to voice messages on extension or email.

+ Redirect calls to mobile: The system supports forwarding calls to mobile numbers when employees are outside the company or mobile phones do not have internet connection (Wifi, 3G/4G).

+ Smart call navigation feature:  Automatically direct calls to the nearest operator Distribute calls to each specialized department, receive and process information Split extension and allow customers to press keys to meet in person.

+ Unlimited extensions: As your business grows, you need to open more agents and therefore need to increase the number of extensions. With a traditional PBX, you have to spend extra money to go online and buy a phone cable system, but with a virtual PBX, expanding the extension number is always simple and the cost is very low. As a result, businesses do not have to worry about additional costs or conditions to expand the number of extensions.

+ Set up different numbers such as 1800, 1900, fixed number and mobile number: Integrate most of the network operators: Mobifone, Viettel, Vinaphone, FPT, CMC…

+ Automatic call: With the automatic call feature, businesses can upload a list of customers to CRM, then set up a call schedule according to a pre-made schedule. The switchboard will automatically retrieve the scripts set up to call the previously uploaded list of customers. Scenarios can be adjusted according to customer needs. This feature will help businesses maintain good relationships with customers, take care of and collect customer opinions, proactively advertise, remind appointment…

+ Conference phone – CONFERENCE CALL : Does your business have many branches? Is a meeting with all members present in one location downright difficult? Conference Phone feature – allows businesses to make calls to multiple.

+ API integration: Allows third-party applications to easily interact and receive call details to create call controls and report individual requests. Deeply integrated and multi-CRM applications, all information and transaction history of customers are displayed for staff to take care of customers more attentively, saving business time and effort. Powerful API integration with:

  1. API cho mobile (Android/iOS/React Native/Phone Gap)
  2. API for Web (JavaScript)
  3. REST API / Webhook

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