What are Backlinks? Learn the importance of Backlinks in SEO

For those who do SEO, it will certainly be no stranger to the term Backlink . And there are many opinions that Backlink is considered as a factor to make your website stronger. So what exactly is Backlink? What are the benefits to the business? All will be answered through the article below.

1. What is Backlink?

Backlinks are links returned from websites, forums, blogs and social networks to your website. In the SEO process, pages with many good Backlinks are one of the top priority factors in ranking on search engines.

Backlinks LaggingThe concept of Backlink

2. Common Backlink Related Terms

There are many different terms related to Backlink. Below Mat Bao lists some of the most common terms:

Anchor Text:  is the text that will be used for the Hyperlink. This factor will come into play if you’re trying to rank for specific keywords.

Link Juice:  is the fact that a website links to any article or the homepage of the website. This factor helps to improve article ranking. If you don’t want to use Link Juice, you can use the no-follow tag.

Dofollow Link:  will default to all the links that you add to the blog post and this link will pass the Link Juice value to the landing page.

Nofollow Link:  When a website links to another website but has a Nofollow tag, they will not be able to pass Link Juice. Nofollow links have no role because they do not affect or affect the ranking of a page. You should only use the Nofollow tag when linking to a trusted site.

Internal Links:  are links that go from one page to another within the same domain.

Low-quality Link:  is a link from automated sites or spam sites. This link will adversely affect the website, so you need to be careful when buying backlinks.

3. The Importance of Backlinks in SEO

After understanding the concept and great advantages that Backlink brings, we can partly understand the importance of Backlink in SEO. Here, Phuong Nam Vina would like to summarize the role of Backlink in SEO website on search engines.

Ich Crab SeoThe Importance of Backlinks in SEO

3.1 Improve SEO ranking effectively

By posting articles containing affiliate links or posting links directly on social networking sites, newspapers, etc. will help increase the credibility of your website for Google. Thereby helping to improve website rankings effectively. Besides, if users need to use your service, they will click on the link to go to the website and contact you directly. Contributing to promoting revenue, increasing efficiency and promoting the brand closer to potential customers.

3.2 Website is indexed faster

Backlink makes it easy for crawlers to find and collect information on all pages of the website such as text, images, etc. effectively. Considered as one of the factors that positively affect the keyword ranking of the website when SEO.

Especially for newly built websites, Backlink helps your website to be discovered and indexed by crawlers faster. Not simply increasing the number of pages trusted by search engines, but also increasing the number of potential keywords that are ranked on each page.

3.3 Increase user traffic

Through articles with links that point directly to your main website on forums, social networks, newspapers, etc. When users read the articles and have a need, they will immediately click on the link. to get to your website. Thus, in addition to increasing the number of links to help the website be better rated, increase the number of visitors and above all help promote revenue to increase efficiency when customers buy products and services from Backlink.

4. Benefits of Backlinks for businesses

Not only supporting those who do SEO, building backlinks also has many benefits for businesses such as:

Benefits Of BacklinksBenefits of Backlinks for businesses

4.1 Educate customers and increase brand awareness

In the marketing strategy of every business, it is indispensable to build and strengthen the brand identity. And thanks to quality backlinks, this work happens naturally and is much simpler. Moreover, you should create more active links with reputable websites in the industry or field in which you are active. Because then readers are more likely to click on the link and tend to learn and interact with your products and services.

4.2 Generating new “potential customers”

With today’s modern technology, users will be strict in choosing information. They will only click on a link when the article in the link is really useful. At that time, the website cited from that link also becomes of special interest to users. From the action of clicking as well as learning about the article, it will bring many big conversions such as: newsletter registration, branding, so using backlinks will help businesses generate many potential customers. power.

5. Effective methods of placing Backlinks

5.1 Place Backlink on high RP site

PR is an abbreviated term. Pagerank is a top priority factor for SEOers today. Because places with high PR index are often appreciated and prioritized by Google more than those with low index. So by placing Backlinks on these pages, your website will be stronger and keyword rankings will be increased gradually on search engines.

5.2 Share on social networks

Social networks are a safe and highly effective free Backlink building tool. This is also the preferred place for SEOers to build free Backlinks.

After posting on the main website, you should share them on social networking sites like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter… You can repeat this action with as many different social networking sites as possible. In addition, when the articles receive the likes, clicks and comments of users on social networks, it will contribute to helping your main site to be indexed by Google faster.

5.3 Writing articles on major online newspapers

Major newspaper sites such as: Vnexpress, Brand Vietnam, 24h… are places that attract thousands of readers every day. Besides, this is also a place with extremely high PR index, so your website will benefit from writing articles here. However, with this method, you have to spend a large amount of budget to post a brand introduction article.

6. How to have a quality Backlink

Building a quality Backlink requires an SEO trained person to invest time and effort. If you also have questions about how to build a quality backlink, you can refer to the ways below:

Backlink La Gi2Quality Backlinks

  • Add a link to the website on your Social Media profile
  • Do a Google search for the high ranking post then improve and expand it.
  • Create list posts, “how to,” “why” posts, infographics, or embed videos.
  • Create articles to share secrets, share secrets about products and services.
  • Write client posts on other blogs and websites.
  • Contact industry influencers, then let them know about an article on your website that they can link to.

Hopefully, the above information has helped you better understand Backlinks as well as how to use them to get the most out of them.

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