Using Facebook advertising service in Taiwan, why don’t you try?

Running Facebook advertising service in Taiwan is being chosen by many in recent years, especially Vietnamese people living and doing business in Taiwan. Facebook ads help sellers promote products more widely and reach a huge number of potential customers. So is it easy for individuals to run Facebook ads in Taiwan? Will it be more effective to run or hire a service to run Facebook ads in Taiwan? Please also Lokas learn more details through the article below!

Why should you advertise Facebook in Taiwan?

Currently in the business field, running ads through social media to promote products and brands is essential. This is one of the methods to reach potential customers that any business should not ignore. And in today’s developing technology, this is inevitable.

If you are an entrepreneur or an individual doing business in Taiwan, you are wondering how people here know about your products and services. How to best advertise the image of products and companies to this country with optimal advertising costs but with good results? One of the ways people often use today, based on the development of technology and the Internet, is to use the service of running Facebook ads in Taiwan.


Lokas specializes in providing facebook advertising services to all countries in the world such as: facebook ads in Australia, Canada, USA, Korea and including facebook advertising services in Taiwan for Vietnamese people.

Using the facebook advertising service in Taiwan that Lokas provides, you can rest assured. Because Lokas always updates the detailed report of the campaign running facebook ads in Taiwan weekly and monthly for customers. Extremely low service fee of only 10%.

Benefits of using Lokas .’s Facebook advertising service in Taiwan

Compared to individuals running ads by themselves, using Facebook advertising services in Taiwan will bring more benefits. Since Lokas officially becomes a separately supported Facebook Agency, when there is a problem arising from the Facebook Ads system, priority will be given to handling. With clear legal documents, Facebook’s ad review and requirements for Lokas are also easier than individuals who run Facebook ads themselves in Taiwan.


Lokas’s account running Facebook ads in Taiwan is an account that is granted as an agency account. Businesses and individuals using the Facebook advertising account rental service in Taiwan will be allowed to carry out their advertising campaigns with a more stable and quality agency account.


Cheaper cost:

When you use Lokas’s Facebook advertising service in Taiwan, it will be preferred because we are a partner of Facebook. The cost for advertising is lower than for a personal Facebook account simply because the marketing campaign is being carried out on accounts that Facebook guarantees, Facebook preferences for these accounts are much greater.


Going to camp is smoother:

Because when using Lokas’s Facebook advertising account in Taiwan, Facebook will no longer suspect fraud, so it will accept your ads faster, browse the display much faster. From there, the campaigns that you are marketing on Facebook will be allowed to promote with large budgets, better bite money. Facebook will trust these accounts more than your personal account, they have no worries and businesses and individuals can now push marketing campaigns with large budgets depending on how big they are. idea.

Don’t worry about being locked

If in case the account violates Facebook’s terms and is locked, individuals and businesses will be re-issued with a new account immediately to ensure that the advertising campaign is not interrupted and affected.

Lokas specializes in providing Google Ads and Facebook Ads advertising services in different countries. For more information, please contact Lokas for a free consultation!

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