Top 7 advertising trends you should know in 2022

The year 2021 has been a memorable year for everyone. The pandemic has changed many aspects from life to consumption behavior. People are more active on social media, looking forward to experiencing better things. So for marketers, how will the advertising trends in 2022 change? Let’s take a look at the top 7 latest advertising trends below.

1. Top 7 latest advertising trends

7 Xu Huong Quang Cao Moi NhatAdvertising Trends 2022

1.1 Video advertising

This is not a new or emerging genre. However, it is still in the top of advertising trends, especially in this 2022. Nowadays, almost every business has its own online sales page. For this form of sales, video advertising is a highly effective solution for user recognition. Video advertising is one of the marketing strategies that help effectively promote product images, products and services and attract potential customers.

Promotional videos have a very good viral effect. Along with that, these videos can be posted anywhere from Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, etc. This will help attract a large number of people to reach. The giants in the technology industry are also actively improving the video feature on their platforms. These can be mentioned as the Reels feature on Facebook, Instagram or Spotlight on Whatsapp. Therefore, this type of advertising video is still a priority trend of marketers today.

1.2 Advertising via AI

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence which means artificial intelligence. This is a characteristic element of the Industry 4.0 era. In the current new context, setting up advertising through artificial intelligence will be an inevitable trend and it will become explosive in the coming 2021. This type of advertising will help brands target more specific audiences.

As the channels used to reach customers increase in scope, management becomes more difficult. Artificial intelligence AI will help solve this obstacle. AI will use targeting signals and real-time adjustments to individual ad campaigns across any channel.

Attractive trends in this form of advertising such as the advent of blockchain, 5G, text recognition and the use of voice search are bound to explode in 2021. Many studies have shown that now There are many people who use voice search app for work as well as personal searches.

1.3 Advertising on social networks

Besides promotional videos, advertising on social networking sites is also the trend of 2022. As a Marketer, you must have planned to promote products with this type of advertising. There are currently 4.2 billion people using social networks, accounting for more than 53% of the global population. It can be seen that with such a huge number of people using social networks, how great is the potential for the advertising trend on social networks.

7 Xu Huong Quang Cao Moi Nhat 1Advertising on social networks

Applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok … will become a promised land for those who want to apply this type of advertising. Social networking sites will be an effective tool for marketers to find customer files, identify goals, and increase sales for brands easily.

1.4 Advertising via mobile phone

As smartphones become more and more popular, mobile advertising will be the crowning trend in 2022. Especially in the context that the world is experiencing the dangers of the Covid-19 pandemic, the use of A phone to connect every day is a must. Then advertising on mobile devices will easily reach a large number of customers. Therefore, brands will try to integrate their advertising content in the programs that mobile users often access.

For mobile advertising, the Story ad format is increasingly dominant. This format is adopted by Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Brands are increasingly developing story ad formats to capture the interest of a wider audience.

1.5 Display advertising

Display advertising is a form of online advertising, reaching customers by conveying messages from advertisers to customers in many different forms (text, still/animated images, videos, 3D graphics, etc.) . Implemented on websites, social media, applications, … to find potential customers.

As for this advertising trend, they dominate thanks to their wide and clear customer reach. Display advertising plays an important role in building a brand image in the minds of customers. Currently, most users tend to limit the distraction of ads. This is the biggest obstacle of this type of advertising. However, as a professional marketer, you will know how to use just enough display advertising that will help strengthen brand awareness, effectively convey messages and attract more new customers.

1.6 Native display advertising

One advertising trend you can’t ignore in 2022 is native display advertising. This form helps brands advertise their products to users in a natural, not forced way. This type of advertising helps viewers have an experience like viewing an article on a website or social networking sites, etc., not an advertisement. It is thanks to the comfort of this form of advertising that helps retain viewers. Since then, the advertising effectiveness is also higher. Grasping the advantages of this type of advertising, marketers should apply it to their Marketing campaigns to achieve even more resounding success.

Users are becoming more and more aware of the products they use and tend to want an even better experience. Therefore, brands or marketers who want to have the best user experience must know how to grasp trends as quickly as possible.

1.7 Broadcast advertising

This is an advertising trend that uses TV or radio to promote its products and services to the public. Broadcast advertising is highly effective in reaching a wide audience. In addition, it increases the multi-sensory experience that attracts viewers. However, TV advertising often accounts for a large part of the cost. Therefore, many brands often lean towards radio advertising. While saving costs, leaving an impression on listeners through melodies, lyrics, etc. Although this is not a new form of advertising for users in recent years. However, these trends are still in the favor of marketers today.

2. Conclusion

There are many different forms of advertising, but it is necessary to research and analyze carefully to choose the type that best suits your business. With the advertising trends to the throne in 2022 that we forecast above can be suggestions for your reference and choice.

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