Top 5 most effective free Facebook marketing software in 2022

Are you new to running ads and looking for free Facebook marketing software ? Read the following article right away if you don’t want to miss out on extremely quality free Facebook Marketing software.

Puziness – Free Facebook Marketing software trusted by many people:

Chatbot Puziness is an artificial intelligence product, a Facebook fan page management tool that can be on duty 24/7 and will become smarter and more skillful over time with human training. Puziness can answer and chat with customers like other telesales or salespeople that customers can hardly detect. This free Facebook marketing software is integrated with the following features in business operations management:

Manage fanpage

Chatbot Puziness is a professional Facebook marketing software that helps users who monitor Facebook messages automatically reply to comments quickly, automatically text when customers comment, hide comments containing customer information to avoid Bad objects rob customers, or automatically create orders while chatting with customers, etc. All will be done even when you are out, busy or deep asleep. Although Free, this free Facebook marketing software does not disappoint users

Collect potential customers right on the website/landing page

Customers who have an interest in the page/product/service after clicking on the button that appears on the Puziness screen will be collected, filtered and classified into each specific care object.

Automated customer care (remarketing campaign)

After the customers are classified, detailed and relevant campaigns will be set up, with customer follow-up messages, messages sending happy birthday, happy new year or discount code ( discount/coupon) encourage customers to shop..

Free Facebook marketing software Puziness provides this feature that will help businesses reduce a lot of advertising costs, increase revenue from potential customers with business interests.


Mass Facebook Ads

This is a free Facebook marketing software that was born as a tool to assist you in advertising information or products on Facebook in the smartest and most convenient way. Mass Facebook Ads brings together new advertising features integrated into the software.

Features of Mass Facebook Ads:

  • Business support, online sales on Facebook.
  • Promote Facebook fanpage and increase fanpage likes.
  • Make friends based on similar interests and join automatic Facebook Groups.
  • Function to send messages and invite friends to events – automatic events.

In addition, there are many other convenient features integrated in Mass Facebook Ads. You can learn and refer to this free Facebook marketing software.


Simple Facebook – Free Marketing Tool

If you are looking to connect with a lot of potential customers on Facebook, you can’t ignore this super hot free Facebook marketing software. The most prominent support from this free Facebook marketing software is the feature of automatically making friends with the users you are targeting.

Some of the outstanding features from this free Facebook marketing software:

– Collect information about user accounts in a group, users who interact on a fanpage or user data taken from a certain Facebook account.

– The software automatically sends friend requests to the target user accounts, then if you have identified where your potential customers are along with their data, you can use the software. to make friends, connect with these potential customers.

The software also provides support to help you build, develop and manage your personal Facebook accounts for business goals and interact with customers.

– This posting software also provides support for you to send simple marketing messages to potential customers from your store fanpage.

– Automatically create positive interactions, this helps you easily develop your personal Facebook page or fan page in the best way.

In addition, Simple Facebook also offers a series of other advanced features such as automatically finding potential customers in a specific location, making friends and interacting with them, getting information about data. email, phone number, etc.



This is a very useful Facebook Marketing software for marketers and it’s really effective. With features such as automatically posting, automatically commenting up news, automatically sending messages, automatically joining groups by keywords, automatically making friends… then Fplus will definitely help you improve your online sales. .

With the free Facebook marketing software Fplus you can:

  • Post descriptions to groups, groups are completely automatic and fast.
  • Help you send messages in a smart way, can include photos with uid files.
  • Support to join groups for personal Facebook accounts, invite and build groups quickly.
  • Manage interactions with Friends, product posting activities easily and professionally.
  • Manage fanpage as well as control comments, find users by UID.

As a seller on Facebook, it is impossible to ignore How to use chatbots to exploit 8 advantages in marketing on Facebook Messenger. This is a pretty good free Facebook marketing software you should refer to.

Simple UID – effective free Facebook marketing software:

Simple UID, also known with another familiar name, is facebook email scanning software. This is currently one of the most supportive software for you in your needs of searching and exploiting customer information. Simple UID with support to get customer email data, this is obviously an extremely important data and then you can combine marketing strategies on Facebook with email marketing, thereby having an approach and care. Take care of customers in the best way

Outstanding support from the free Facebook marketing software Simple UID includes:

  • Create large potential customer files so that you and businesses can invest and exploit in the best way.
  • Customer information is taken from the most potential customers, based on the interactions that customers create on articles introducing products and services that they are interested in.
  • Creating an extremely good competitive advantage with competitors, surpassing competitors is the best way for you to develop.
  • Customer data, obtained from Simple UID, also provides support for paid advertising campaigns, so you can optimize the advertising costs of your campaigns.

The above are suggestions for you effective free Facebook marketing software in 2022. Hope the article will bring you useful information!

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