The process of installing a virtual PBX for your business you should know

The use of virtual PBX system is now a trend of businesses. Not only for sales efficiency, virtual switchboards also help save costs for businesses. In order to continue the series of articles sharing about the virtual PBX system. In this article, we will help clarify to businesses about the process of installing virtual PBX for businesses.

1. What is a virtual PBX?

Virtual PBX possesses the basic features of a traditional switchboard with internal and external calls all on one subscriber line. Create an internal calling network, helping to save call costs for businesses. In addition, more developed virtual call centers often have a built-in CRM system to help the process of closing sales and taking care of customers take place more effectively. In addition, the cost of an attached service is also saved.

Quy Trinh Lap Dat Tong Dai Ao For BusinessesThe concept of virtual PBX

2. The process of installing virtual switchboards for businesses

Unlike analog systems, businesses may need to wait from a few days to several weeks. This depends on the size of the company. However, having too long of a waiting time will have a significant impact on business operations.

Quy Trinh Lap Dat Tong Dai Ao For Enterprises 1The process of installing virtual PBX for businesses

Meanwhile, the process of registering and installing a virtual PBX normally only takes 4 steps. The time it takes to spend is only a few hours of work, whether the business model is large or small.. Problems with operation, installation, and guidance will be supported by a team of service providers.

  • Step 1:  Choose a package that suits your business needs. It will take some time if you have never learned about a virtual PBX service before. Select the appropriate package and may request a quote for additional features if necessary.
  • Step 2:  Select a fixed number. Usually you will see there are numbers like 024/028/… These numbers are divided by province and specific carrier. Besides, if your business is aiming to increase the awareness of the switchboard and make the brand look more professional, you can learn about the number 1900 or 1800.
  • Step 3:  You can manually script greetings, divide incoming calls for each department or employee.
  • Step 4:  The provider will activate the service, hand over and guide you to use.

3. Benefits of virtual PBX for businesses

With just a basic virtual PBX, businesses can create 3 times more effective telesales than traditional ones. More reach with included features. In addition, the main advantage of a virtual PBX is that it can work wherever you are. This has helped many businesses overcome difficulties when working from home during the epidemic season.

Quy Trinh Lap Dat Tong Dai Ao For Enterprises 2Benefits for business

Besides, virtual PBX also helps to save maximum costs for businesses. Outgoing calls will be automatically selected for the carrier to save money on the phone. Bulk call to hundreds of customers in a very short time with auto-call feature to save staffing costs and time costs.

4. Conclusion

Above is all information about the installation process of a virtual switchboard that we want to share. Good luck!

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