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The outstanding benefits of Predictive Dialer 2022 that you should know

Predictive Dialer is a feature that helps optimize Agent productivity in the Omnichannel Contact Center system. Based on feedback from companies that have been using it, the following article will show the outstanding benefits of Predictive Dialer, giving you more information to make a decision to invest in the system for your business.

1. Predictive Dialer Features

In the Omnichannel PBX system, Contact Center is one of the features that helps the system estimate the calls that need to be called at a time, then automatically fires calls (up to more than 1000 concurrent calls) which can be changed. Depending on the needs of industries that need performance, they need to interact with customers a lot. When the customer picks up the phone, the system records and immediately transfers the call to the staff in the predetermined group.

Predictive Dialer Predictive Dialer Ma Ban Nen BietFeatures of Predictive Dialer

2. Benefits of Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer Predictive Dialer Ma Ban Nen Biet 1Benefits of Predictive Dialer

2.1 Increase operational efficiency for Agent

The first benefit to mention of Predictive Dialer is a large increase in agent interaction time compared to manual dialers because the algorithm is set up to shoot out calls extremely efficiently. According to statistics, Predictive Dialer can help 1 Agent reach 40 -50 minutes of talk time in 1 hour.

The system will automatically make calls to customers, then connect the answered calls to agents in the queue. The end result is that employees will receive regular and continuous calls throughout the working hours.

Units using manual dialers usually only get around 10-15 minutes of talk time in an hour. This is due to wasted time doing the following tasks:

  • Manual dialing
  • Manual handling calls
  • Music time, call waiting, busy tone, no answer
  • Schedule a call back

It is easy to see the advantage of the Predictive Dialer feature that increases employee efficiency by 200 – 300% per hour compared to manual dialers.

2.2 Increase the productivity of campaigns

Omni Contact Centers typically handle large volumes of inbound and outbound calls, so Predictive Dialer’s ability to handle calls concurrently is key to increasing productivity for Agents.

Predictive Dialer Predictive Dialer Ma Ban Nen Biet 2Increase campaign productivity

When performing a manual dialer, it often takes a long time, even easy to confuse such as already dialed number, dial the wrong number, etc., leading to reduced performance. Predictive Dialer automates the transition between inbound and outbound calls.

Predictive Dialer can adjust the speed of the call flow by balancing incoming and outgoing calls using a number of features such as call queuing, changing dialing frequency, etc.

2.3 Increase conversion rate & optimize data

In addition, Predictive Dialer automates the process of redialing busy numbers, unanswered calls… this ensures that a large percentage of leads are handled professionally and quickly, significantly increasing significant conversion rates.

2.4 Professional and consistent branding

Agents with different capacities, motivations and experiences will affect work performance and easily affect service that is not professional and consistent. Predictive Dialer helps Agents reach customers the same, the information received by customers will also be centralized and more consistent.

2.5 Real-time visibility

Predictive Dialer provides real-time viewable data and statistics such as stats like call volume, average call time, sales, processing time, login time/ Sign out of Agents… This helps businesses adjust their business strategies easily and quickly.

3. Conclusion

Above is all the information about the outstanding benefits of Predictive Dialer that we want to share with all of you. Hope the above article will bring you a lot of useful information. Good luck!

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