The latest guide to writing standard SEO articles in 2022

The topic of writing standard SEO articles is currently attracting a lot of attention! Because writing standard SEO articles will help your website quickly get to the top and increase the ability of customers to see your business’s brand.

So what should you pay attention to when writing standard SEO articles? Let’s find out with Lokas through the article below!

Implementation steps before writing articles:

To write standard SEO articles, you are required to complete the keyword research and selection step. If you choose inappropriate keywords, it will affect the article and website rankings. Even if the article is SEO standard, but the keyword has too much competition, your web ranking will never improve.

SEO keyword research:

Keyword research tools for writing articles: keyword planner at link and io keyword tool: (search these tools on google for instructions detailed usage)

Keyword selection:

New website you should choose long-tail keywords and choose words with medium and low competition. Using keyword planner you will see detailed metrics.

How to write standard SEO articles 

Main heading (H1)

This is the title for your article, Google will automatically recognize it as H1, you don’t need to do anything more. Writing standard SEO articles is that the title must contain the main keyword. For example, if you want customers to see your website when typing the keyword Buy cheap handmade goods , you must have this phrase in the title of the article and it should be located as close to the beginning of the sentence as possible.

Suggested title:  Where to buy cheap handmade items for students?

The place to buy cheap handmade goods you should refer to

Short description (Meta)

Another name for short description in SEO is called Meta. This is an introductory paragraph about the content of the article, concise enough for customers to see when searching for keywords outside of Google.

The standard limit is 156 -160 words and requires the main keyword to be in the description.

Example: Your main keyword is Create Zalo page



Subheading (H2)

In an article there will be many paragraphs, each paragraph will have a subheading or H2. In this subheading, the main keyword or keywords that are close to the main keyword must appear in the title. To write standard SEO articles, you need to pay special attention to setting subheadings.

Example: Your main keyword is AMP Adsense



This is a detailed writing section, describing specific information related to the content of the H2 header you just placed. Note the density of the main keyword that will appear at least 2-3 times in the paragraph.

Example: AMP Adsense phrase


Insert links for keywords:

After you finish writing, click the update button to generate more static links. Copy the link and select the main keyword, highlight it and press ctrl + K to insert the link.

For example:


Related keywords:

These are the main keyword phrases of other articles that appear in the article you are writing. And please perform the link pointing for related keywords too! Which keyword of any article, you point the link of that article! This is very useful when you write standard SEO articles!

For example, you are writing an article for the keyword Create Zalo page but in the content of that article there is the keyword Zalo advertising and there has been an article about this keyword before, then wrap the Zalo advertising keyword and point to the link of Zalo. that article on related keywords.

General notes:

To be able to write standard SEO articles, you need to note the following points:

  • It is best not to write italics in the article.
  • Standard image size: 1200 x 630
  • An article must have at least 2 subheadings (2 H2 headings).
  • In addition, in the article you write can hierarchical heading from H2 to H6. Each subheading will serve as an argument for the main title. For example: H3 will be the argument for the H2 heading, H4 will be the argument for the H3 heading, etc. and similarly for the remaining subheadings.

The above are suggestions and instructions to be able to complete the standard SEO article. Hope the article will bring you useful information!

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