Telling you the experiences of running extremely effective Facebook Ads in 2022

Running effective Facebook Ads is when you optimize advertising costs, reach the right customers and bring high profit to the company. So how to run Facebook Ads effectively? In this article, Lokas will share with readers the experiences of running Facebook Ads that bring high efficiency for business, please refer to it!

If you want to run Facebook Ads effectively, master the following knowledge:

Terms you need to know when running Facebook Ads

Understanding Facebook terminology helps you optimize and run Facebook Ads more effectively. To get started with running Facebook ads, let’s add some basic knowledge of Facebook Ads terms.

  • CPM – Cost Per Mille (impressions):  A method of charging based on impressions.
  • CPA – Cost Per Action (conversion fee):  The method of charging when there is a specific conversion from the user.
  • CPC – Cost Per Click (interactions):  Start charging when the user interacts with the ad.
  • CTR – Click Through Rate (click through rate):  The CTR symbol means that you will pay Facebook when a user clicks on the ad.
  • Target audience: Target  customers.
  • Frequency:  Frequency of showing ads to a customer.
  • Campaign:  Campaign.
  • Target: Target  audience.
  • Price:  The cost you put into an ad campaign objective to pay for Facebook.
  • Social media: Social media  .
  • Custom audience: Custom audience  .
  • Facebook Pixel:  Tracking snippet. Get this code attached to the website to track user visits to the web.


Types of Facebook Ads

  • The form of a revolving sales advertisement

Also known as Canvas Ads. Includes many images like pictures, can be clicked through, if you click on any image, it will be redirected to the landing page on the Website. Sales and e-commerce sites such as tiki, shopee use this form a lot.


  •  Carousel ads (Carousel ads)

This form allows you to promote multiple products and videos in the same ad, below each image there is a “buy now” button that, when customers click on it, will go directly to your online store page.

  • Dynamic ads (Dynamic ads)

This is a form with a high conversion rate because it targets an audience that is interested in the product.

  • Video Advertising ( Feature videos )

Use videos to introduce your products and brands to customers on Facebook.

  • Lead Ads

A form that directs users to download registration forms and leave information such as their email, phone number, etc. This form helps businesses collect the best customer data.

  • Click to Web Facebook – Multi Products

Allowing to promote multiple products on the same message, if a business needs to launch many products at the same time, this is the most suitable form of promotion, each image of a product/service has its own image. own title and description line.

  • Event Advertising (Event Responsive)

Event form to PR for the event, encouraging customers to participate in the event activities of the business.

  • Ads Page Likes

The Facebook page ad template attracts customers to like your page by clicking the “like page” button right below the template.

  • Offer Claim

The form of giving a promotional code to customers on your fanpage. The user will click on the Get Offer button to sign up for the promotional marketing program.

  • Promote a Page Post Engagement post

The form of running ads on fanpage posts helps increase interaction (likes, comments, shares) for that post. This is a popular form of PR on Facebook.

  • Click to Web Facebook – Domain Ads

It is an advertisement connection that integrates the fanpage with the website. When the user clicks, they will be redirected to the page or website of the business.

  • App Install Ads (App Install)

The form of promoting applications on phones (Android, IOS) aims to increase the number of people interested in and installing the application.

Preparation steps before starting to run Facebook Ads:

Create a personal Facebook account

Create a Facebook page and fully update business information such as: URL, brand name, check-in location, product updates, articles, images, ….

Create an account to run Ads Facebook

Your Facebook Ads account allows you to manage all your created, active, and new Facebook marketing campaigns.
There are two types of accounts on Facebook:

  • Personal account

Often used by most people who are new to running ads, because they do not have to fill in a lot of information and setting up ads is also quite easy.

  • Facebook Business Manager Account

Each personal account can add 1 business account (Bussiness Account). Personal account still works normally, not affected when creating Business.

The benefits of a business account:

+ There are preferential ads payment limit.

+ Support opening account when locked.

+ There is a consultant to support when having problems related to the account.

+ More functions can be used than individual accounts.

Add Visa card to run Facebook ads

Need to prepare a visa card (international payment card) to pay the cost of running Facebook Ads. There are two types of visa cards used for payment:

+ Visa Debit: need to top up the card before paying ads.

+ Visa Credit: The bank gives you a prepayment usage limit and returns it to the bank at the end of each debit period.

To pay for running Facebook Ads, you must know how to add, modify, and remove payment methods for your account.
Three basic steps to add Visa card information:

+ Go to Ads manager

+ Go to Settings =>  Payment Settings => Add Payment Method.  

+ Enter the card number, expiration date and three-digit Visa card number and confirm.


Design images and content

Some principles of writing articles to run Ads Facebbok in online business:

Use strong verbs to inspire.

– List specific benefits (Including immediate benefits & long-term benefits)

– Take advantage of list titles.

– Identify “bait” for advertising on Facebook.

– Determine the ideal length, just enough so that the audience is not overloaded.

Always include a relevant, professional call to action (CTA).

– Promotions, freebies, gift giving events….

Images that are not attractive or the wrong size will affect the results of running Facebook Ads:

The ad image is the deciding factor of 75 – 90% of the campaign performance. So if you’re putting too much weight on content, it’s time for a change. Depending on the format of Facebook ads you choose, we will have different ways of optimizing photos, with no fixed rules.

Learn to run ads

For those of you who are new to Facebook Ads, finding yourself a reputable address to learn how to run Facebook ads is essential, here the experts who run Ads will guide you to run Facebook ads in detail. From the most basic things, you will get practical values ​​as well as learn from the experiences of those who have gone before, avoiding burning money on advertising but not getting effective from it.

Above are the experiences and knowledge that you must master if you want to run effective Facebook Ads. Hope the article will bring you useful information.

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