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Buzz Marketing Là Gì

What is Buzz Marketing? Details of the latest Buzz Marketing 2022

Buzz Marketing  or simply  Buzz Viral Marketing is a term used in Viral Marketing that refers to the interaction between a consumer and a product or service in order to amplify or alter the original communication message. These interactions, for example, a customer’s emotions,…

Các Mô Hình Marketing Phổ Biến

Learn the Marketing models applied by many businesses

In today’s fiercely competitive market, the application of  marketing models  to business activities is extremely important for businesses to win the battle to gain a foothold in the minds of consumers. In this article, we will share a summary of common effective…

Marketing Tool La Gi Tim Hieu Chi Tiet Ve Marketing Tool 3

What is Marketing Tool? Learn more about Marketing Tool

Marketing Tool is a tool to help the sales process become more efficient, bringing in greater revenue. Depending on the purpose of use for you to choose the most suitable tools such as: live sales, automatic posting, raising nick in bulk… Marketing…


Benefits of using Customer care SMS for businesses

Customer care SMS is also known as customer care message. This message service allows businesses providing products and services to send customer care information to mobile subscribers, the sender’s name will display the brand or a 10-digit mobile number depending on the…


How does SMSbrandname benefit customers and businesses?

SMSBrandname messages are also known as brand messages. This is a very familiar marketing channel for businesses today through texting on mobile phones. Thereby, the brand name (eg HSBC, Samsung …) is displayed in the sender section instead of the usual personal phone number,…

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