SMS Marketing an effective form of advertising and marketing products and services 2022

SMS Marketing is a type of marketing that belongs to a small part of mobile marketing. It is used for the purposes of advertising, marketing products and services, sending thank you notes and incentive programs, customer gratitude. Moreover, marketing messages help meet business goals such as reaching and interacting with potential customers through SMS messages to mobile device users.


What are the benefits of using SMS Marketing for businesses?

Originally, the new form of SMS Marketing has been known in recent years, but it is popular and accepted because most businesses have a need to promote their products, services and brands. Some of the reasons that your business should use SMS Marketing include:

  • Marketing messages help businesses save a lot of time and effort but still achieve work efficiency.
  • According to research on response rate, people who receive messages will participate in events and promotions organized by businesses is more than 10%.
  • Compared to other media, SMS Marketing often brings higher return on investment, costs less, effort and receives greater benefits.
  • SMS Marketing has the ability to combine with many other media and use mobile devices to deliver messages to customers.
  • The ability to have two-way dialogue and interaction with customers, giving information appropriate to each customer at different times.
  • At least 70% of people who receive the message will remember the content of the message and advertisement every time they check the message on their mobile device.
  • With Marketing messages, businesses can directly manage the content sent through the website and the number of people who want to send the message.


What types of SMS Marketing are there today?

To use SMS Marketing for the right purpose, you need to understand the following types of Marketing messages:

  • Offers: You can easily bring customers to your website via SMS with attractive offers and landing pages.
  • Introducing new products: Businesses can base on the previous purchase history of customers to send them information of new products to significantly increase revenue for businesses.
  • Event promotion: In addition to messages about useful content, blogs or promotions, this form of marketing messaging also helps businesses send messages about upcoming events.
  • Brand promotion: Compared with email marketing, SMS Marketing helps to build a better brand image and save costs while still being able to reach a large number of potential customers.
  • Customer care: This is an effective form to help leave brand impressions and is also considered an effective form of customer care.


What are the advantages of SMS Marketing?

  • Low cost: The cost for businesses to deploy SMS Marketing is many times more economical than other means.
  • Ease of use: With a simple designed system and features, you can easily use SMS Marketing with a few taps to complete the campaign.
  • Send messages quickly: After setting up the necessary content for the message, businesses just need to press the send button and customers can receive it.
  • High open rate: With SMS Marketing, messages will not be marked as spam and have a much higher open rate than Email Marketing.
  • Personalization: SMS Marketing allows users to personalize the messages sent, thereby effectively increasing the conversion rate.

With the ability to market products and promote the best brand image, SMS Marketing is a great choice for businesses. With the article Lokas has provided, hopefully you will understand better what SMS Marketing is, the benefits and SMS Marketing strategies to apply it effectively in your business.

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