SMS advertising service helps businesses increase revenue after only 1 month

SMS advertising service is one of the marketing methods used by many businesses in recent years because of its superiority. SMS advertising helps businesses save a lot of time and costs to reach and take care of customers. Invite readers to learn more about the benefits of SMS advertising through the article below of Lokas.

What is promotional SMS service?

Advertising SMS service is a modern and direct Marketing solution through SMS. Instead of short or 10-digit numbers that are unclear, unfriendly, and easy to rank as spam messages, the sender section will display the brand name of your business. Especially with low cost, the content that your business wants to convey will be sent to the right target audience according to the following criteria: Region, age, income, gender, profession… time and will definitely read 100%.


Advantages of location advertising SMS service:

Location-based SMS service helps to reach customers quickly and professionally. Advertising SMS service can send advertising content when mobile users are appearing at an appropriate location.

Through the separation of previous user information: preferences, affordability. Businesses/organizations/individuals send marketing content to mobile users according to the plan selectively and at the right time.

Sending messages around the store area will boost potential customer acquisition.

Advertising messaging at the place where the target customers are concentrated: you don’t have to send the message in the area near the store, sending the message in the places where potential customers are often concentrated can bring good results in terms of reachability. approach and increase brand awareness.


What are the benefits of SMS advertising service?

+ For SMS recipients:

  • Users easily recognize the brand, update the message of products and services through SMS advertising service immediately.
  • Happy for the business’s customer care.

+ For businesses:

  • Easily take care of, reach, and advertise the brand to the target audience. The brand name is displayed instead of the unprofessional phone number. Fully update service information for loyal and potential customers of the business in the fastest way.
  • Can accurately check the results of receiving messages from customers. Simple form of use: can be sent by Group and Click through an account on the website.
  • The cost of this type of marketing is relatively cheaper than other media advertising. With a fully automatic operation, sending more than 100,000 messages an hour saves manpower and time.


What should businesses pay attention to when using SMS advertising services?

For SMS advertising service, the brand name must be between 3 and 11 characters long (including spaces) and contain letters, numbers and do not include special characters.

Messages sent through the service provider’s system or requesting via email can contain up to 122 characters/SMS and have a maximum length of 4-5 messages depending on the regulations of the carrier.

Sending advertising SMS services should pay attention to the network’s browsing time frame to avoid being delayed due to hitting the advertising block time frame or falling on holidays and weekends. This will seriously affect the advertising campaign of the business.

The ad copy needs to detail a start and end time so that recipients can join in at the right time. Contact information is required for customers to directly interact with the business if they want to learn more.

For the hotline, whether it’s free or charged, please write down details so that customers can understand specific information.

Above are the information and benefits when using SMS advertising service. Hope the article will bring you useful information. Need detailed advice, please contact Lokas for a free consultation!

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