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Should you choose Facebook Ads or Google Adwords?

Facebook Ads or Google Adwords  are currently the two biggest “bosses” in online advertising tools. Businesses, if they take advantage of these two effective advertising tools, will bring enormous business benefits. To know when to use Google Adwords, when to use Facebook Ads or when to combine both campaigns, let’s find out how they compete.

Should you choose Facebook Ads or Google Adwords?

1. About targeting

On Facebook, you can refine your ad’s audience using interest, demographic, and geographic filters. Your ad will then reach the right audience and be shown only to the people you’ve identified.

Should You Choose Facebook Ads Or Google Adwords?About the goal

In general, Google Adwords can also trigger ads based on user interests, but Google will not know the user as well as Facebook. It cannot see information from the user’s profile or what the user likes or shares. However, Google ads are mainly based on search terms, so they will be displayed when users have a real need for products and services, so it will help you optimize advertising costs. Have you seen that every time you search on Google with a certain keyword, you will get thousands of different results, among them, there are pages displayed right in the visible positions of the advertised content. fox. This is one of the forms of Google Adwords. Google understands what a website is about based on keywords and matching ads. And here,

2. Cost difference

Both Google and Facebook use CPC to collect fees. Advertisers only have to spend money when users Click on the ad, impressions without Click will not be charged.

Some hot industries, for example, “house moving” you may have to pay 20,000 – 50,000 VND for 1 Click if you advertise on Google. But you can only pay 100 – 2,000 VND for 1 click when advertising on Facebook.

Nen Con Facebook Ads Or Google Adwords 1Cost difference

The reason for the difference in cost on Facebook and Google is this: Google ads show only when someone searches for a keyword you’ve previously purchased, Facebook ads show up in available positions on Facebook first. even those that match the established targeting.

3. About branding

Both forms of advertising provide opportunities for companies to build brands, but they do it in different ways.


For Google Adwords, the landing page is a very important factor. Each click takes the user to a business landing page, usually a website. It directly affects the quality and cost of the keyword. Therefore, if you aim to increase the conversion rate and bring in revenue, you need to optimize your website in the best way. If you let customers question your credibility and immediately exit your site, Google will likely drop your website’s rankings if so many people exit so quickly.

Facebook is more relaxed, allowing your ads to take advantage of the social network’s virality. Users see ads more often, they can also see previous interactions before deciding to click on the website or facebook fan page, especially when people see friends who have liked the product. Then they will trust more. This helps relieve some of the pressure on the landing page. So, once you are not ready for your website, choose Facebook ads because the landing page is not the deciding factor to evaluate and generate conversions.

4. Retargeting advertising (Re-marketing)

Recently Facebook has been able to apply ads that “follow” users when they have seen that ad before, but Facebook’s minus point is that it is the 3rd party who provides that form, not Facebook.

Nen Con Facebook Ads Or Google Adwords 2Re-marketing

On the other hand, Google is the opposite, they are too strong in this field, not only are you giving chase ads on pages belonging to the display network anymore, now you can use retargeting ads on the search network as well. Google Search. This will be done extremely effectively by reputable Google advertising companies.

Whether your business is small or large, you should learn about Re-marketing and Re-targeting today, you will surely find it interesting.

5. Differences at the stage of the customer’s buying process

Understanding where your customers are in the shopping process will help you decide which advertising channels should be promoted. If you are looking for customers in the decision-making process to buy a product or service, Google AdWords will be the best choice because then customers have a very high purchase intention. However, if you are looking to attract awareness about your product, then Facebook ads will help you target audiences with current needs or needs that even customers don’t know about your products or services. your service. This is how both channels complement and propel your organization forward.


Above are the basic differences between Google Adwords advertising and Facebook advertising. Each form has different strengths and weaknesses. We will not be able to say that Google or Facebook is strong, which is weak, they create the infrastructure, the tools available. As for how to use it is up to you, whether the tool is effective or not is up to you, which is strong – which is weak is up to you. Hopefully you can make your own choice about which advertising campaign is right for you, or at the same time, you can skillfully combine both forms to bring new and unexpected effects to your business. individual or business.

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