Should businesses use outsourced SEO services or hire SEO staff?

Almost all businesses, they have websites and  all use SEO services to search engine logic, in order to improve the website’s ranking on Google search engines. However, not every organization can successfully SEO and get to the top of the search results. Currently, there are 2 forms of SEO  that businesses choose  to use SEO services and hire team SEO staff to do. So what is the bestsmartest and effective solution for today ‘s businesses?

Outsourced SEO services

Many  businesses have used SEO services at reputable units instead of having to hire people to do it. The use of SEO services  has many outstanding strengths  for  businesses.




  • You don’t need to personally organize or assign tasks, just  track results and connect with the company.
  • Reputable  SEO service organizations with many  years of experience will ensure that the keyword will be at the top of the search results
  • Save money and avoid risks and burdens for businesses in the SEO process because the Google algorithm changes constantly
  • SEO services not  only ensure the top keywords but also advise businesses on content strategies, optimize web structure,.. to build a standard SEO web, have  credibility and brand development.
  • Guaranteed refund if your website does not rank on search engines. Therefore, hiring  SEO services is an excellent choice to save you time. Instead of learning SEO, you can focus on your expertise to build business and promotion strategies to bring high sales to your business. Uu-Diem-Crab-Dich-Vu-Seo-Thue-Outside

In addition, most external SEO services have staff members  who have the expertisetools and experience necessary to successfully implement an SEO project.


Using SEO services , businesses will often have the habit of relying, being subjective, giving the whole job to the service party without paying attention to the know – how and the process. It is easy to make the website penalized by Google for using spam SEO methods.

Hire SEO staff


This form can be applied when you already have a certain knowledge of seo, even super good. You can  supervise the  daily work as well as closely manage the SEO work as well as the staff. Employees hired by you will perform the work under the assignment of the leader.


Currently, large  businesses often have a highly competitive keyword system, so they often have their own SEO teamWhen hiring SEO staff and with stable knowledge, you can be proactive about human resources, plans, keywords that are appropriate to the company’s operating direction.

Once you understand the product, the legal issues in your industry, you will be able to manage your content more easilylimiting legal problems due to false advertising  .

Unlike hiring SEO serviceswhen you hire SEO staff, it will be easy to manage KPIs, minimizing cases of virtual reports due to working with unreliable companies. In addition, hiring SEO staff yourself will ensure the initiative in costs and organize costs  in the most optimal way .


Businesses are often limited in terms of means of support, so it is difficult to spend large amount of money on SEO support tools. SEO services will be easier because they find a tool to work  for many clients at the same time.

You will easily fall into the mindset of  an ordinary SEO instead of a variety of SEO sects, develop an SEO mindset like hiring SEO services .


If you are not sure about SEO and hire inexperienced SEO staff ,  it is a double-edged sword. In addition , it will be difficult for you to manage the work, it is difficult to assess the quality of personnel while still having to  pay monthly salary but the results are not  good. That is the disaster of hiring SEO staff.

Many businesses choose SEO collaborators. However, the form makes it difficult for you to control the working time, they can take a break at any timeThen choosing SEO services is the most reasonable option .

Should you hire SEO services or hire SEO staff?

Hiring SEO staff or SEO services in general will all have their own advantages and disadvantages . If you have  a certain knowledge of SEO, can  monitor and manage SEO projects, you should have a plan  to build your own SEO staff which will be the more  appropriate direction . If you are at risk, hire  a reputable SEO service to implement a  web SEO strategy . Professional SEO businesses will be the choice Optimize, on your behalf, give specific SEO orientations, strategies and plans to help you  achieve the best results  for your company .

Consider the budget for hiring SEO staff or hiring SEO services, then buy an SEO service company to review the SEO plan and quote of that business . Weighing the cost and effectiveness of that word , make your choice .

If you are looking for  a company that provides quality SEO services , Lokas is the best choice for  you. With a team of well- trained staff , many years of experience will certainly bring approval to customers, helping your website rise to the top 10 of Google’s top pages.

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