Service Message and marketing tools are indispensable in the 4.0 era

Service message is a form of mobile marketing that many businesses apply in today’s business model. Service messaging helps businesses convey messages to customers quickly. The content of service messages can be customer care messages, advertising messages, OTP messages, etc.

What is Service Message?

Currently, there are many forms of messaging services, including Brandname messages, also known as brand messages, or fixed number messages. However, to create professionalism and credibility, most businesses choose the form of brand messages to reach customers.


What are the benefits of service messaging for businesses?

Service messaging has extremely fast information transmission speed. In fact, it is the most basic feature of a regular messaging service. Messages are always sent to certain subscribers. If businesses use non-guaranteed service messages, this rate will be reduced due to poor quality databases. The database source used by service messages is from business lists collected from customers. Therefore, the success rate of the message is very high.

The cost is quite cheap but the results are quite high : Businesses only spend a few hundred dong per message. Messages go straight to the customer’s inbox. The conversion rate of conversions is higher than with other forms of database capture.


Highly personalized : Messages are sent to each user’s mobile number. Through the content set up on the system, the recipient’s name can be mentioned in the content of the message sent. The content of the message also emphasizes the personal element “this message is only for …”. The content of the message sent to the recipient before sending has been checked for suitability for the recipient. This can be done with service messages because the database is a real, full-fledged database.

Quality database: This is ensured by the nature of each form of SMS Marketing. For example, customers using SMS Brandname service will submit a quality database. Using SMS LongCode is the same, the database is provided by the carrier. For SMS Gateway, users actively message for the best quality database. This factor also confirms once again the effective use of SMS Marketing with low cost.


Enhance brand value: SMS Brandname or SMS LongCode both bring brand value to businesses. The speed of brand awareness through service messages is faster and more cost-effective. Brand value is also promoted through the process of acquisition, purchase, and customer retention through customer care campaigns.

Why businesses should use messaging services:

Nowadays, service messaging is used by many businesses, so why should your business use it too? Reason:

  • Customers will be very impressed when your brand name is displayed as the message of the bank, the network operator.
  • Service messages create a certain friendliness for customers and at the same time show the professionalism of the business, thereby contributing to increasing the trust level of customers with the business.
  • Businesses can fully control who receives messages, so advertising costs are utilized 100% to target customers.
  • Thorough customer care: You will automatically set up customer care messages to be sent when needed. Customers will feel secure when they receive a message about a successful order, while you do not have to spend time tracking or personnel costs to do this.
  • Easily convey messages: SMS BrandName open rate is very high, up to 95%, so your customers will definitely receive your message.

Through this article, we hope that readers will understand the importance of service messaging in today’s business context. If your business needs detailed advice on service messages, please contact Lokas immediately for a free consultation 24/7!

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