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Restaurants Facebook advertising service is growing rapidly due to the increasing demand for food. Food brands and restaurant chains are springing up and the competition is fierce. If you do not want to freeze and close the hours, the business must use the restaurant Facebook advertising service to reach potential customers and plan to attract customers to increase revenue for the restaurant. To better understand the effects of using restaurant Facebook advertising services, please read the article below with Lokas.

Why should restaurants use Facebook advertising services?

Not only products sold online need online marketing, but all services and products need an internet marketing plan. Especially in the era of technology development, almost everyone has accounts on social networks, so the orientation of branding and advertising products with Online Marketing is indispensable. And using restaurant Facebook advertising service is indispensable if you want to increase revenue.

For the field of restaurants and food service, it is not difficult to see that people constantly review and introduce each other delicious places to eat through Facebook, etc. and will meet together to enjoy the restaurant when they know about the food. menu as well as reasonable price. Therefore, restaurants and food shops need to have their own website and fanpage to create credibility for the restaurant. In addition, it is a page that updates customers with the latest information about currently serving dishes or new attractive menus, and updates promotions and special offers.

It can be said that restaurant Facebook advertising service plays an extremely important role in the development of the restaurant’s business and brand identity.


Why should you use Lokas restaurant Facebook advertising service?

With many years of experience in marketing, online communication, as well as implementing many business development plans for customers who are business owners, Lokas understands the problems your restaurant is facing. and can suggest you the best Facebook advertising service solutions.

With Facebook advertising services for restaurants and catering services, you can rest assured that Lokas supports all campaigns to promote images and brands to help increase revenue. Restaurant and food service Facebook advertising services include:

  • Build and manage content on online channels.
  • Design and develop a consistent and transparent brand identity image.
  • Optimize ads, improve efficiency to reach and interact with potential customers.


Benefits of using Facebook ads for the restaurant industry:

Brings extremely high efficiency

In recent years, the restaurant Facebook advertising service has grown into a popular marketing channel. Because it’s one of the most effective paid advertising channels, helping to attract new potential audiences and turn them into paying customers. Restaurant Facebook advertising service is suitable for both individuals and businesses.


Easy process

No need to spend too much on advertising campaigns. In fact, with just a few dozen dollars, you can already use the restaurant Facebook advertising service.

If compared with GoogleAdWords, managing Facebook ads is much simpler. What’s more, you don’t have to spend too much time learning about Facebook ads before you can set up your own ad campaigns.

Easily reach target customers.

Facebook’s target audience has a lot of choices for example targeting people based on interests, demographics, location, etc.

Easily customize facebook ad campaigns

With Facebook constantly adding new ad placements, including video ads and instant article ads, there are plenty of opportunities to create beautiful and  effective ads .

  • Campaign objective
  • Target audience (Target audience)
  • Bidding (Bidding)
  • Delivery optimization

Facebook always updates, adds new features every month

In 2017, Facebook has added a lot of new features such as: Messenger Day, Instagram Stories. Live Video update, improved ad reporting.

Along with all the updates on Facebook. Advertisers have more and more  tools and tactics to reach their target audience. Help them sell more on Facebook!

Above is information about restaurant Facebook advertising service. Hope the article will bring you useful information. Businesses that need advice on overall marketing services should contact Lokas for a free consultation.

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