Recommend reputable and quality SMS Brandname suppliers in Ho Chi Minh City

Are you interested in mobile marketing and need to find reputable SMS Brandname suppliers in Ho Chi Minh City area? Let’s immediately save the SMS Brandname providers that have been trusted and used by many customers for many years. Not only providing services in the Southern region but also SMS Brandname providers for all provinces and cities across the country. With the era of advanced technology, the connection between customers and businesses does not need face to face anymore, just one click can meet and exchange jobs online.


SMS Brandname suppliers in Ho Chi Minh City:

VietGuys – specializes in SMS Brandname suppliers

Over ten years of persistently building a brand, VIETGUYS, with each steady step, has won the trust of customers not only in the domestic but also internationally with typical services such as SMS. Marketing or Mobile Solutions. This is one of the SMS Brandname providers that many customers appreciate for the service. In addition to serving as one of the SMS Brandname providers, VietGuys also provides the following services:

  • OTT messaging: Technology to send messages/emails via internet platform allows sending content combining text, images, Call To Action.
  • Email marketing: A form of direct marketing using electronic mail (Email). Connect, communicate and convey messages directly from brands to customers effectively.
  • Reward: An electronic reward payment solution with the goal of taking care and measuring the reward behavior of customers.


eSMS – professional SMS Brandname suppliers:

With the vision to become one of the leading companies in Vietnam in providing software, applications, mobile solutions for individuals and businesses. Along with the mission of solving practical problems of businesses, consulting and providing solutions on mobile in a simple but effective way. eSMS is a service born with the desire to help shops, small and medium enterprises implement advertising and marketing programs in the most effective, time-saving and especially easy way.

Referring to SMS Brandname providers, it is impossible not to mention eSMS. This is a company providing marketing solutions that is known by many customers across the country for its brand coverage and professionalism of its staff. In addition to acting as one of the SMS Brandname providers, eSMS also provides an ecosystem that any business needs to use. Other services that eSMS provides: Virtual Call Center, Voice, OTT Message, Topup Reward, SMS Viber, Zalo OA…


Lokas – specializes in providing marketing solutions for businesses:

Formerly a company specializing in the field of web programming and design and providing Google advertising services and Facebook ads. But Lokas understands that the broader the Marketing ecosystem, the more benefits it will bring to businesses. So during the past 7 years, Lokas has constantly developed and expanded its services to serve customers.

In addition to web design, SEO keyword search, Google Ads, Facebook Ads… Lokas is also one of the SMS Brandname providers that many customers choose to use. The customer care system that Lokas provides includes: brand messages (SMS Brandname), virtual switchboards, Viber and Zalo OA messages.



Above is the top list of SMS Brandname providers trusted and used by many customers over the years. And these SMS Brandname suppliers have been developing very strongly in terms of personnel and systems to give customers the best experience.

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