Official Account Zalo and outstanding features you should not miss

Official Account Zalo  is one of the most effective online sales tools not inferior to Facebook. If your business is operating in the commercial field, create yourself a Zalo Official to increase the reputation of your business. To better understand the Official Account Zalo  please refer to the article below of Lokas.

What is Official Account Zalo?

Official Account Zalo is an extremely effective online sales tool like Facebook or any other social networking site. As a business, have you really understood all about Official Account Zalo (Zalo OA) yet? Do you know how to set up a page on zalo, how to post on zalo, how to increase zalo likes and attract interactions through Official Account Zalo? In this article, Lokas will introduce you to Official Account Zalo, please refer to it!


Highlights of Official Account Zalo:

Official Account Zalo (Zalo OA) is applied to many different jobs, specifically Zalo OA has the following effects:

1. Zalo Broadcast:

For Fanpages on Facebook, Fanpage owners cannot actively message users who have taken action to like or follow the page but have never messaged on the fanpage, except when the Fanpage is running Facebook Remarketing but this costs a lot.

As for Official Account Zalo, businesses, you are allowed to send free messages (Limited) to people who are interested and interested in your product and page. This type is called Broadcast message. For Zalo Official Account, businesses will have 4 free Broadcast messages per month to the private ibox of interested people via Zalo.


2. Increase Zalo OA interaction through posts:

Just like Fanpages on Facebook, Zalo allows users to post regularly on Official Account Zalo to interact with people around. However, that post will not be displayed on the user message board to avoid disturbance, if they want to see the posts of the page they follow, they must access Zalo OA to see the content.

3. Advertising on Zalo platform:

If you plan to run any type of advertising on Zalo, you need to know how to create a fanpage on Zalo and how to post on Zalo with your Zalo OA account.

Advertising on Zalo will help you increase the number of visits to the Official Account Zalo page, as well as the number of interactions on posts to serve certain purposes.


4. Post products to Zalo Shop for free:

If the business creates an Official Zalo Account, the enterprise Zalo OA account can use the Create Store feature, allowing to post and buy and sell products that the business operates in the Zalo Shop section. From there, it both increases profits through orders and advertises brands for businesses.

 Advantages of Zalo OA compared to Facebook Fanpage

Official Account Zalo and Facebook are both large social networking platforms, with a high number of users and good interaction. However, each of the above MXH applications has its own advantages and disadvantages. You just need to know how to create a page on zalo, how to post on zalo and how to increase zalo likes, then when using a zalo OA account, you will receive more outstanding advantages as follows:

  • Reach up to 100% of users who are interested in each article (and the Facebook app is limited, on average, only 2% of the total number of fans).
  • There are no spam notifications, disturbing users, so they will find a more private and comfortable space when surfing Zalo.
  • Automated messages are targeted according to certain criteria.

Above are the outstanding advantages of Official Account Zalo. Hope the article will bring you useful information. Your business needs advice on Zalo OA services and marketing solutions, please contact Lokas for a free consultation!

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