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Mistakes to avoid when using SMS marketing

SMS marketing is advertising software that proves to be quite effective when it transmits information directly to users the fastest. However, to achieve the best results you need to avoid the mistakes below.

1. Sent too often

The time to send is appropriate, but if you send it with a dense and regular density, the SMS Marketing campaign accidentally becomes a Spam message campaign in the eyes of customers, leading to your campaign becoming less effective. Building a timeline with appropriate SMS Marketing milestones, reasonably spaced will be what you should do now.

2. Sending too many SMS messages

The frequency of messaging campaigns will be proportional to the growth of sms marketing. Try to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. How do you feel about the huge amount of messages you receive every month? Complex? Exactly. Sending too many messages is not only frustrating for customers, but it can also seriously damage your brand’s image. Sending a small but quality message will help keep your campaign more useful and engaging.

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3. Send long, spam messages

There’s a reason for the 160-character limit for SMS: short and to the point! A lot of businesses make the mistake of sending long, spammy texts, which can be interrupted during delivery and distort the meaning of your intended message.

4. Lack of a clear call to action

Many businesses fail to capitalize on their SMS marketing by not using a call to action. This is huge sms marketing error.

A call-to-action motivates your customers to complete a task, whether it’s subscribing to your mailing list, entering a contest, entering a sale, or answering a survey. Since SMS allows instant communication, the call to action is the most important part of your text message.

5. Send SMS Marketing without using SMS BrandName

When receiving a promotional message from an unknown number with a long sequence of numbers. recipients generally do not want to open or even delete immediately without knowing what is inside. But that will be completely opposite when the name displayed in the sender section is the name of a brand or a certain business. Therefore, SMS BrandName (brand message) is the key for you when building an SMS Marketing campaign because SMS BrandName is not only used to sell products but also affirm the brand of your business.

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