Marketing Messages and mistakes that businesses often make

Marketing Messages is short message service marketing in English. Means a form of marketing through short pieces of content and messages. This is one of the marketing methods that many businesses have applied to reach and take care of customers in recent years. So how does it work and what are the benefits? Please feel free to share with us below!

What is Marketing Messages?

In short, a marketing message is a way to advertise products, services, and brands by sending SMS messages to customers’ mobile numbers. Depending on the purpose of the marketing campaign, the content of the marketing message will be different.


Mistakes when using marketing messages

Spam bluff news:

Sending marketing messages without the recipient’s consent is a common practice for many businesses. In many cases, customers don’t like to be bothered by broadcast messages. So then they blacklisted your number right away. This wastes all the time and money you have invested in the campaign. Besides, it also reduces customer trust.

To ensure that time and money are not wasted, you need to use marketing messages to the right people for the right purposes to improve customer reach, and every message sent must have the recipient’s consent to receive the message advertisement.

You can ask them to send an explicit confirmation to your number. And then add their phone number to your marketing list. You should also have the option of opting out of receiving broadcasts.

You Can't Do It Anymore

Message content is too long:

The purpose of marketing messages is to send messages with brief message content. You cannot send messages that are too long, such as in emails, to replace the content of a marketing message. The issue to focus on here is to make sure the promotional content is short and to the point.

For effective marketing messages, you need to send messages with the following content:

  • Brief
  • Content should contain time-sensitive issues.
  • Do not insert too many links or use special characters that cause confusion.
  • Always keep the content in mind, so it’s urgent to be effective.

Frequency of sending messages continuously

This is one of the biggest mistakes that almost every business makes when using marketing messages. Because people often have the habit of checking short messages often. As a result, they may feel annoyed and annoyed with the constant but unnecessary messages.

So, only send promotional messages to customers who are really interested in products and services. Align messaging frequency in one or two messages/week/customer for optimal results.

Sending messages at the wrong time:

A marketing message has the most impact on user action when its CTA is clicked or tracked as soon as possible. You don’t want customers to ignore your message. So you need to pay more attention to the appropriate time to send marketing messages. Example: Messages received at 1:00 am are obviously ignored by most people.

Always review and analyze the recipient’s activity period before sending a message. Research shows that: The best time to send text messages is during business hours. Approximately from 9am to 5pm.

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Above are the mistakes that businesses often make when using marketing messages. Hope the article will bring you useful information. Need advice on marketing solutions or a virtual PBX system, please contact Lokas for a free consultation!

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