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Learn about Google Trends and how to use Google Trends effectively for SEOer

Google Trends is no longer a strange term, especially for SEOers. If you are a newbie and are still wondering: What is Google Trends? For an SEO, what benefits will it bring and how should it be used to bring the highest work efficiency? Please refer to the following article of Lokas to understand more about Google Trends!

1. What is Google Trends?

What is Google Trends?

Google Trends is an online search engine that allows us to see the frequency of specific keywords, topics or phrases that you have queried over a specified period of time. How Google Trends works is to analyze a portion of Google searches and calculate the number of searches for terms you’ve made, relative to the total number of searches that have been done on Google over a period of time. time.

Google Trends does not allow the same person’s searches to be repeated over a short period of time, to ensure that it can provide the most relative accuracy of popularity. Besides, Google Trends can also show you how popular a query’s search is in certain time frames.

2. The benefits that Google Trends bring in SEO

Google Trends is one of the “effective assistants” for SEOers, because this tool helps SEOs easily capture trends, identify popular locations, choose effective keywords and also can analyze competitors. Let’s take a closer look at these benefits!

2.1 Catching the trend (trend)

With Google Trends, it is very simple to keep track of the latest information or trends in the world. The Google Trends tool provides data to help marketers easily grasp and make reasonable strategies. Google Trends also helps businesses track and measure marketing performance and brand awareness.

2.2 Capture the most popular area

The Google Trends tool allows you to see information related to regions, locations, and even countries that have a high level of interest and popularity related to your keywords. Thanks to this feature, you can completely identify your potential customers to come up with the most effective marketing plans.

2.3 Choosing effective keywords in SEO

Google Trends will help you find the most searched keywords, update the trends many users are interested in. Thanks to that, you can choose effective keywords, and create ideas and implement articles easier.



Google Trends 2

2.4 Competitor analysis

When starting to implement an SEO plan, it is very important to do a competitor analysis. Although Google Trends is not a specialized tool for competitor analysis, this tool provides metrics such as: Frequency of searching for competitor products and services, .. also helps you to have an overview. more about the market.

3. How to use Google Trends effectively for SEOer

As you can see, Google Trends integrates a lot of utilities that help SEOers work more smoothly. How to use Google Trends effectively is still a question of many of you. Here are 8 ways to help increase the latest SEO efficiency!

3.1 Instant updates and optimization of hot topics

Seasonal Trends is a consistent and reliable theme that offers articles that every year you can write. As search volume increases, some keywords become more attractive, to take advantage of you can optimize existing content or create new on those topics when popularity peaks. To know exactly when query popularity peaks, you can refer to this example:

Google Trends 3

Through 2 charts we can see that the keyword “umbrella” was popular in June 2021 in the US, and in Australia, the peak month is January 2021. This is around the time the rainy season in these countries begins and it’s common for people to need umbrellas to avoid getting wet.

So, if the product of your business depends on the seasons. Then you can estimate your business’s highest and lowest scores by analyzing relevant search queries on Google Trends.

Then, you can use the analyzed data in two ways. The first way is that at peak times, your business starts creating content related to the query. Or at the same time, you optimize relevant content on existing web pages.

3.2 Find trending topics

If you want to retain and attract readers, you need to have a firm grasp of current events. They will depend on you because you have the information they are interested in. The Search Trends tool is a trending topic finder that will help you find the queries that have seen the most popularity increase in 24 hours in any given location you want.

Google Trends 2 1

Here is a chart when we search for the word “women” on Google Trends, you can see the number of searches for this word skyrocketed on October 20th but decreased the word creation date in just 1 day. In these cases, if you do not prepare content related to “Vietnamese women” in advance, you will not be able to keep up with the “trend”.

To see if a trending term has peaked, you can look at historical data and predict the likely rise and fall of interest in a topic. You can also give opposing views on that topic so a fresh and unique spin will keep your audience engaged and clicked more.

3.3 Make sure the popularity of the keyword avoids deviations

So that you don’t waste time creating inappropriate content and avoid choosing the wrong keywords. You need to check that topic with  Google Trends  to choose a good topic for the next pieces of content.

Although the difficulty of both these keywords is completely equal, if you are an SEOer, you will definitely choose to create content with the term “yoyo” over the other. And the following is a comparison table of the two terms above in Google Trends.

Not only that, you can also analyze the competitor’s website, to know which keywords the competitor is trying to optimize, to find out and consider whether that keyword can become a new trend. If possible, optimize SEO to catch up or leave your competitors.

3.4 Assess demand for products and services in specific regions

To use your business’s time and resources more effectively, you need to identify the right leads. Then, find the locations where that keyword is popular, and start running Google Adword campaigns. Through specific campaigns, you can optimize keywords about products and services to each customer at the time they have the highest demand.

Google Trends 03

3.5 Understanding the causes of the drop in organic traffic

The keywords that are ranked will probably decrease in popularity with the audience. When you need to determine why your Organic Traffic is dropping, Google Trends will give you a clearer picture.

Google Trends 04

Google Trends will rank your posts based on how the top keywords are used. Thanks to Google Trends, you can see the popularity trend of that keyword over time and know when to update your post or your audience is losing interest in your keywords.

If the top keywords of popular posts are stabilizing or increasing, you can simply update your post with newer, more comprehensive information. When the popularity of the keyword is reduced, the audience is losing interest in that topic and it is difficult to increase Organic Traffic at this time.

Above is all information about Google Trends that Lokas has summarized and updated for readers. Hopefully through the above article, you will have a lot of useful knowledge to build and develop your website. If you have any questions or need detailed advice, please visit the company’s website immediately!

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