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Learn about Google Pagespeed Insights and how to optimize Website performance Updated 2022

What is Pagespeed Insights ? Pagespeed Insights is considered as one of the important elements of SEO. Pagespeed is always at the top of the checklist and optimizes it for you to evaluate your website. The following article will introduce you to the most basic information about Pagespeed Insights. Let’s take a look at the content in the article!

1. What is Google Pagespeed Insights?

What is Pagespeed Insights? This is the amount of time that a visitor can see the entire content of the website, also known as the loading speed of the website. Likewise for Google’s website, Google Pagespeed Insights is Google’s page load speed. You can measure page load speed with the Google PageSpeed ​​tool. Pagespeed will directly affect the user experience. Besides, this tool also affects Google in the data collection process.

Pagespeed InsightsGoogle Pagespeed Insights

2. Google Pagespeed Insights website evaluation criteria

For you to understand more about What is Pagespeed Insights? You need to fully understand the website evaluation criteria of this tool. Based on the following criteria you will evaluate whether the website is optimized or not:

  • The site’s destination page should limit the use of redirects.
  • Before sending to the browser, the web page needs to be enabled to compress data.
  • Serve when answering should be done in the fastest time possible.
  • Extends the storage functionality of browser cache.
  • Extract the CSS and Javascript resources on the website.
  • Compress image size to reduce website size.
  • Optimize the process when inserting CSS folders into the website.
  • Set clearly and specifically the order of priority of the content in the website.
  • Javascript and CSS blocking before page load is removed.
  • The asynchronous properties are fully utilized.

When a website is optimized when the page has met the above standards. Pagespeed Insights will help you detect and point out the factors that the website is not yet optimized for. From there, this tool will notify you to fix those factors. At this time, the quality of your website will be improved and enhanced.

Pagespeed Insights1Google Pagespeed Insights website evaluation criteria

3. What kind of information does Google Pagespeed Insights provide?

PageSpeed ​​will provide you with performance metrics and sections. Through that, you will be able to evaluate whether the site is optimized or not. So what is the information provided by Pagespeed Insights?

They include 6 types as follows:

3.1 Pagespeed Insights – Speed score

The first information Pagespeed Insights gives you is the Speed ​​score. This is also known as the speed point. This score will be calculated based on statistics on Lighthouse lab.

Pagespeed Insights2Pagespeed Insights – Speed score

3.2. Pagespeed Insights – Field data

The second piece of information we want to share is about Field data. This information is collected directly based on the user’s experience on Chrome. Pagespeed will evaluate the information for at least 30 days. This type of information consists of two main parts:

  • First Contentful Paint (FCP)
  • First Input Delay (FID)

3.3. Pagespeed Insights – Lab data

Lab data will be updated in a controlled environment from Lighthouse. This data collection is done on 3G networks as well as pre-arranged mobile devices. The network and devices are thoroughly tested, so the results returned will show the Website performance.

Pagespeed Insights3Pagespeed Insights – Lab data

3.4. Pagespeed Insights – Opportunities

In the Opportunities information, the PageSpeed ​​Insights tool will collect information about the time it takes for the user to load the page. In addition, information about the site’s page load performance. From here, you will get recommendations to improve site performance. The purpose of this type of information is to become the basis for users to improve page load times. From there, you can enhance the experience for website visitors.

3.5. Pagespeed Insights – Diagnostics

Diagnostics is the section in which PageSpeed ​​Insights will provide users with recommendations on recommendation engines. The recommendations that Diagnostics make are usually the user’s website development methods. You should add those tools to further optimize your website.

3.6. Pagespeed Insights – Passed audits

In the Passed Audits section, Pagespeed Insights will give you a summary of what the site has achieved. Specifically, the performance that has worked well on your website. You do not need to add or change anything to what is displayed on this table.

Pagespeed Insights 4Pagespeed Insights – Passed audits

4. Does PageSpeed ​​Insights Affect SEO?

“What is PageSpeed ​​Insights?” Does this tool affect SEO or not? The answer is no. The score of this tool does not directly affect SEO. Besides, it also affects website rankings on search engines. However, PageSpeed ​​Insights scores and SERP rankings are still closely related. Because PageSpeed ​​scores are from overall performance analysis based on metrics. So, the higher the Pagespeed score, the better the quality of the website will be.

Pagespeed Insights 5PageSpeed ​​Insights Affect SEO

5. Ways to analyze websites with Google Pagespeed Insights

To further answer your question What is Pagespeed Insights? We will give you information on how to analyze web pages. There are many ways to perform this analysis but here SEODO will show 3 ways in order as follows:

5.1. Manual test

Manual testing is a simple test. First, you try to access the pages, categories, articles of the website. Then, you can estimate how fast the website’s access speed is. Whether the time it takes for page content to render is too slow. This manual test is not based on specific metrics. However, as a user, you can judge for yourself whether your site with such speed is patient enough to stay on the next page.

5.2. Check with Google PageSpeed ​​Insight tool

As mentioned above, this is a Google tool. So, this index will be an indicator to evaluate your website’s ranking based on search results. The steps for you to analyze your website with Google pagespeed insights are as follows:

  • Step 1: You access the Google PageSpeed ​​Insights page.
  • Step 2: You proceed to assign the URL you want to check and then select Analyze.
  • Step 3: Now in the results section you will see the index of the website version on the computer and mobile. Besides, there are instructions for you on how to optimize your website. However, to handle these problems, you also need to have some programming knowledge.

Pagespeed Insights 6Google Pagespeed Insights

5.3. Check with Gtmetrix . tool

Gtmetrix is ​​a popular tool and also much more accurate than Google PageSpeed ​​Insight. However, this tool is used mainly by programmers. So if you do not have much technical understanding, this tool can only help you determine the speed of the page loading on the website. How to use Gtmetrix to check the website is similar to Google Pagespeed Insight. It includes the following steps:

  • Step 1: You access the page: GTMetrix.
  • Step 2: Next, enter the URL of the website you want to check and select Analyze.

6. Learn 8 ways to optimize website performance with Google Pagespeed Insights tool

After understanding “What is Pagespeed Insights?” Do you wonder how to optimize website performance? Here are 8 measures that you can use to optimize your website. Especially they are all through Google Pagespeed Insights.

6.1. Optimize image size

Optimizing image size is one of the operations to make your website more user-friendly. Especially for search engines and customers also easily access the website. This optimization will assist you by notifying you of unsatisfactory images.

At the same time, Google Pagespeed Insights will also ask you to optimize the image to reduce the size. But you have to keep in mind that, you should only reduce the image size. This does not mean that this optimization will affect the image quality of the website you are administering.

6.2. Use Lazy Load

Lazyload is a tool to help you reduce the load on the image display on the website. Using Lazy load will only help users load images within the visible range. Images that are out of the user’s view are loaded later. From there, the tool helps the page load speed to be significantly improved.

If you use WordPress platform then you can install some plugins to optimize images. For example Smush or BJ Lazy load. These tools will help you enable image optimization. As a result, the WordPress Core Web Vitals index on your website will increase.

Pagespeed Insights 7Methods to optimize website performance

6.3. Reduce advertising rate

Nowadays, many websites make a profit by selling ad placements. However, when the number of ads placed in the website is too high, it will affect the loading speed of the page. According to SEODO recommendations, a URL should contain 20% or less of the ad space.

6.4. Optimal web design for mobile devices

Nowadays, the number of people using their phones to shop is very high. Therefore, high pagespeed mobile sites are essential. It is not possible for you to display your desktop website on mobile devices. Because, this will increase the time to access and interact with the page, which makes users frustrated. On mobile devices you should have a web design. This design must be suitable for small screens, and at the same time, ensure that it is easy for customers to shop as well as perform other operations on the website.

6.5. Increase browser memory and cache

Enhancing web browser caching and caching is also a way to help you optimize your website. Especially for resources that are cached for a short period of time. This optimization helps users feel more efficient in finding used websites.

6.6. Optimizing Javascript of Websites

To optimize Javascript, Pagespeed will trigger based on rendering a page built by the DOM tree. This is done through parsing HTML data. When performed optimally in the first part of the HTML page will not call the Javascript that appears on the screen.

Pagespeed Insights 8

6.7. Improved Plugins

When your website has too many plugins, the page loading speed will be reduced. Although they can provide useful features for you to manage your website. However, you should still consider and remove unimportant plugins. Instead you will keep only the necessary and useful Plugins. The smaller the number of plugins, the faster the website will load.

6.8. Remove unnecessary tracking code

Removing unnecessary tracking code became a common problem with sites that used ad rentals. Each company will attach a piece of code to track the activity of customers when they visit the website. This will result in the website having to run a series of tracking codes every time a customer visits. As a result, the display speed of the website’s content will be affected.

Pagespeed Insights 8 1

What is Pagespeed Insights?” This is the problem we are talking about in this article. Hopefully, the article has helped you expand and improve your SEO from which to develop your Web site. Follow and update every day to not miss useful SEO information and knowledge! Good luck!

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