Learn about Google Ads and how it works

Google Ads is a paid advertising platform by Google that allows individuals and businesses to purchase ads to display your products and services on the Google advertising platform.

The goal of Google Ads advertising is to direct an ad viewer to click through to your website or app, where that visitor can complete a valuable action, such as signing up to leave a private message. inquire, buy products, etc.


Types of Google Ads

Google Ads is a platform that includes many different forms of advertising, the most popular being search keyword advertising on Google’s search engine. In addition, Google Ads has a number of other ad formats such as:

  • Advertise GDN banner on Google’s ad network platform
  • Video advertising on Youtube platform
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Ads App


How does advertising on Google work?

Google Ads search advertising works on the principle of bidding through a keyword and the price the advertiser sets for that keyword. Search results depend on factors such as keywords and the bid advertisers place on keywords that will determine the winner of the bidding session for ads to appear on the first page of search results.

The auction starts when someone types a search query on the Google search page. If a bidding advertiser’s keywords match a search query, Google will factor in bid and ad quality to decide which advertiser wins the bid. The winning advertisers will then show ads on the search page.

To participate in this advertising, advertisers need to create an account on the Google Ads advertising platform. Then set up the campaign and determine where and when the ads appear.

Accounts are divided into campaigns for easy management. Easily generate reports on how ad groups are performing, where are they performing, which groups are converting well, etc.

Campaigns are divided into multiple ad groups containing related keywords and ad templates.


Based on the keywords searched by the user, Google will display ads that are relevant to that user. Ads will be displayed when a person performs a search for a certain term or phrase.

If you want your website to show up on the search results page when users search for keywords that you believe it is to find the product or service you offer.

For example, a plumber in Hanoi might run keywords like “Hanoi plumber,” plumbing repair,” or “clogged toilet.”

Your ranking will change depending on your bid compared to other plumbers, but your ad will be able to show up on the results page when someone searches for the terms that you have bid on.

Google doesn’t just rank ads based on bids, it uses many factors to rank your ads. But the three main factors that determine your ad rank are:

  • Bid
  • Relevance: It’s the relevance of your ad to the searcher’s query
  • Quality of your ads and website

So even if you have the highest bid compared to others, your plumber ad will never show if someone searches for “nice cafe”

Hopefully with this article, you have grasped the basics of Google Ads advertising and how it works. From there you can approach and apply for your business effectively.

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