Instructions to create Zalo Page for effective commercial business

Zalo Page is no longer a stranger to businesses in the current 4.0 era. Why do businesses have to create Zalo page for businesses? Because creating Zalo Page allows businesses to advertise their brands as a reputable professional store to enhance their credibility with customers. To do business on Zalo OA effectively, you need Zalo Page. Because the new Zalo Page supports promotion, it will then improve the opportunity to reach potential customers, Zalo marketing activities will promote maximum effectiveness.

Instructions to create Zalo Page on the computer:

To create a Zalo Page for your business, follow these instructions:

Step 1:  Go to

Step 2:  Create Official Account

Step 3:  Login Zalo

Step 4:  Select type of Zalo Page


Note: Here, if you create a Zalo Page for commercial purposes, sell products, you should choose the Business account type. This type of account has support such as: Send 4 messages / month with people interested in Zalo Page, text, chat with customers, create stores, add products.

Step 5:  Sub-Category

Step 6:  Install Zalo Page information

– Zao Page name: Minimum 2, maximum 40 characters

– Description: Vietnamese with accents, minimum 20 and maximum 500 characters

– Person and phone number: Subject to change

Step 7:  Set cover photo and avatar


Step 8:  Set the address

Step 9:  Wait for approval

How to create Zalo Page on the phone:

How to create Zalo Page on the phone is almost the same as on the computer

Step 1 : Access this link on your phone:

Step 2: After logging in with a personal account. You will be transferred to the Zalo Official Account Management interface. Then click on  “Create  a new Official Account” in the upper right corner.

Step 3 : Choose a type for Zalo Page. To trade products, you should choose the type of  “Store”

Step 4 : Select the sub-category suitable for the product you are trading and click  “Continue”


Step 5 : Enter full information including: Page Name, Description, Full name and phone number of the creator then click  “Continue”

Step 6 : Update cover photo and avatar and click continue (image size as on computer)

Step 7 : Enter the address of the business then click  “Finish” .

Step 8 : Wait 1-2 days for your request to create Zalo Page to be approved

After creating a Zalo Page, you can post products for sale and start implementing Marketing strategies using the Zalo features mentioned above.

Zalo page is increasingly popular among large businesses and brings a lot of benefits to them. The above article has shown you how to create Zalo Page on computers and phones. Hope you can fully exploit what this social networking platform has to offer.

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